Power Management

Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Solutions

PoE Powered Devices (PD)

A PD-only device manages and protects the POE Power system at the load, VIN= VOUT. A PD+DC/DC does all that and performs the DC/DC conversion to provide the required load voltages.

Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE)

PSE Devices protect and manage the power as it is being put into the CAT-5 cable. Classification, identification, and overload protection are among the standard functions.

Ethernet Alliance (EA) Certified Designs

In 2018 the Ethernet Alliance began granting licenses to PoE designs which pass a test suite to demonstrate compliance to the IEEE802.3 standard. TI has multiple licensed designs and was the first semiconductor supplier to receive an EA logo.

What is Power over ethernet (PoE)?

PoE is a mature and growing technology used to conveniently deliver power through Ethernet cables to a load rather than adding additional power cords. TI offers solutions for both ends of the cable. IP phones, wireless access points and security cameras, are common applications which can all be powered by TI.

TI has been a leader in the PoE market since the beginning. Our continuous and deep involvement has resulted in a large and growing family of PSE and PD devices that can be found in the dozens of complete, proven, and tested solutions at TIDesigns, making it easier than ever for you to go to market faster. To find out more about our TI Designs, use our search tool.

Ethernet deviceController PoE PSEController PoE PSEDC/DC converterEthernet device

Why do you need PoE?

PoE systems provide high reliability, convenience, and low cost. The available 25 Watts per port is sufficient to power many common applications and since PoE systems are classified as low-power systems, they need not be installed nor maintained by licensed personnel.

Power over Ethernet standard development

The original IEEE PoE standard (IEEE 802.3af) provided up to 13-watts and was originally used to power Enterprise IP Phones. In 2009, the IEEE standard 802.3at standard was released with the ability to provide up to 25.5 Watts for apps such as WAPs, Security cameras, access control points, and wireless backhaul systems. The IEEE Committee is now developing a new standard (IEEE802.3bt) which will power up 70+ Watt loads. And, once again, TI is integral in the formation of this standard. The extensive selection of TI Designs are able to support all types of loads including high power UPOE devices. Read and learn more about Power over Ethernet the formation of the new IEEE PoE standard. To find out more about our TI Designs, use our search tool

In addition to driving the new standard, TI has already the first in its planned portfolio of .bt-ready PD controllers – theTPS2373-4. In addition to delivering .bt power, this device delivers maximum design flexibility, the industry's most interoperable .bt-ready IC, and a cost effective system solution.