Power Management

eFuses (Integrated FET)

eFuses, also known as electronic fuses, hot-swaps, load switches with protection, or circuit breakers, provide protection during overvoltage, overcurrent, and short-circuit events. Unlike a discrete fuse, eFuses do not need to be replaced after a fault resulting in reduced system downtime and decreased maintenance costs. Keep your circuit protected at all times with TI's comprehensive portfolio of compact, highly integrated eFuse solutions.

Advanced Circuit Protection

TI eFuses are UL-recognized, resettable solutions that provide short-circuit protection to replace discrete fuses.

Integrated Hot-Swap

Prevent expensive repairs and system downtime using TI eFuses for hot swap protection with features including current limiting, overvoltage protection, current monitoring, and inrush current control.

Power Muxing

Create a more robust design by protecting and selecting between mutliple power sources with TI eFuses for power muxing or active ORing.

Why Choose eFuses

Learn about how TI's eFuse portfolio can provide active circuit protection and management.

Discover Applications

From industrial to personal electronics, TI has eFuse reference designs to help accelerate your development.

Support & Training

Get started on your eFuse designs by browsing our collection of blog posts, TI E2E™ Community threads, and training videos.