Power Management

Hot Swap and Oring Controllers

Sometimes, Hot swap protection is just not enough. Sometimes, OR-ing control is required to efficiently ensure current flows in only one direction to prevent backfeeding or loss of holdup energy in redundant power systems. For such applications, TI has integrated Hot Swap/OR-ing controllers containing multiple protection and reporting functions. From the ultra precise and ultra flexible TPS24740 to the dual channel, I2C controlled TPS2359, TI has a combination controller that protects your system and keeps the current flowing one way -- the correct way!

Dual Channel Controller

  • Small footprint
  • IMON Outputs
  • Multiswap functionality

Redundant -48 V Power Control

  • Dual OR-ing / Protection
  • Precise OVUV
  • -100 V Vmax

Hot Swap Controllers with OR-ing Control

  • Highly integrated
  • High performance
  • Flexible functionality