DRAx Infotainment SoCs – Applications

TI offers solutions for a wide range of infotainment applications using the scalability and performance of the "Jacinto" family of automotive processors, including:

Targeted applications

Integrated digital cockpit

  • Integration of functionality from among several in-vehicle ECUs including head-unit, digital cluster, head's-up display, rear-seat entertainment, informational ADAS and telematics systems.
  • Merge of functionality driven by desire to lower BOM and provide more cohesive experience and information to the driver.

Reconfigurable digital instrument cluster

  • Scalable and cost optimized solution for reconfigurable digital instrument cluster providing significant customization and personalization on a single System-on-Chip (SoC).
  • Deliver high-level of graphics performance and system robustness to enable software architectures capable of ASIL safety certification.
  • Head-up display (HUD) on a single SoC lowers BOM and provides a more cohesive experience and higher quality information to the driver.
    • In addition to gauges and needles, more complex content can be seamlessly displayed including rear view, surround view, navigation, media and smartphone projection mode.
    • New ergonomics made possible such as augmented reality HUD.

Entry/mid-level infotainment and head unit co-processor

  • Deliver in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), high-integrity audio, simultaneous multimedia streaming and device connectivity.
  • Acceleration capabilities, auto peripherals and software availability.
  • Cost optimized and scalable for a wide range of entry-to-mid level segments automobiles.

Feature-rich in-vehicle-infotainment (IVI)

  • Audio, analytics and radio accelerators, as well as automobile interfaces and peripherals on a single SoC.
  • Concurrent radio/audio operation and image manipulation.
  • Surround view, multi-tuner digital radio uses cases, audio and speech processing, active noise cancelation, voice recognition and more.

In-vehicle-infotainment with informational ADAS

  • Fusion between traditional infotainment and camera systems providing informational ADAS.
  • Add non-safety information content to traditional IVI system.
  • Enhance the driver's awareness of the conditions both inside and outside the car.