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Revolutionize the automotive cockpit

One of the most exciting aspects of the automotive business is the increased pace in expanding capabilities and features for drivers and passengers, enabled by the ever-expanding adoption of computing technology.

Jacinto™ 6 Plus Automotive Processors

The DRA74xP, DRA75xP, DRA76xP, and DRA77xP automotive applications processors are built to meet the intense processing needs of the modern digital cockpit automobile experiences.​

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Application notes

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MMC DLL Tuning PDF 87 16 Oct 2017 0
Optimization of GPU-Based Surround View on TI’s TDA2x SoC PDF 248 12 Sep 2017 21
Using DSS Write-Back Pipeline for RGB-to-YUV Conversion on DRA7xx Devices Read Abstract PDF 8 14 Aug 2017 114

White papers

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Revolutionize the automotive cockpit PDF 1958 02 Jun 2017 3819
Informational ADAS as Software Upgrade to Today’s Infotainment Systems PDF 1610 14 Oct 2014 627
Today’s high-end infotainment soon becoming mainstream PDF 850 02 Jun 2014 460