TDAx ADAS SoCs – Driver monitoring

A camera-based Driver Monitoring System (DMS) or in-vehicle monitoring system is an emerging function that observes the driver, and possibly other occupants, to better enable safety and/or convenient features of a vehicle.  DMS solutions can detect and track eye movements, head position, and various focal points of a driver's face to determine the state of the driver.  Basic driver states interpreted can be driver presence, vigilance, fatigue, and distraction.  More advanced interpreted states are ranges of emotions, specific driver identification and biological details, e.g. age, gender, illness, etc.  As with many automotive systems, there are a broad range of capabilities enabled by these DMS implementations within any one OEM and throughout the overall market.

Basic Driver Monitoring Systems are comprised of an interior camera pointed at the driver's face and infrared LEDs generating imperceptible beams of light to produce facial images that can be captured in low light conditions.  Analytics are performed on the captured images to interpret the states. More advanced systems can include multiple sensor inputs such as several cameras, various radars and/or other sensor types.

TI’s Jacinto TDAx automotive processors are designed to address the key care-abouts of Driver Monitoring Systems such as safety, convenience and autonomous-supporting features. In addition, TI provides complete hardware and software scalability enabling easy development of optimized solutions and faster time to market.

TI works with multiple 3rd party companies to offer scalable solutions to address the forecasted evolution of Driver Monitoring Systems.

TI Value Proposition

Scalable Hardware and Software Platform

TDAx automotive processors enable customers to:

• Upgrade easily from current generation DMS solution to next gen DMS and beyond

• Easily integrate DMS into automotive cluster solution based on TI’s DRAx family

• Supports Ethernet and LVDS-based systems

• Enables multi-sensor (fusion) systems

• Scales from cost/power-optimized (RTOS) solutions to higher-performance/capable (HLOS) solutions

Image Processing

TI provides best in class on-chip image signal processing, eliminating the need for external image processing chips resulting in system cost savings and best in class image quality.

• Compatible with any image sensor

• Best in class, on-chip image processing including wide dynamic range (WDR) and in-pipe algorithm enablement, e.g. LED flicker mitigation, lens obstruction detect, etc.

• Hardware based de-warp

• Image tuning ecosystem including tuning tools and experienced 3rd parties

Functional Safety

• System capable of achieving ASIL-B safety levels

• Various safety OS options

• AUTOSAR MCAL solutions

Embedded Vision Engine (EVE)

Dedicated SIMD Analytics Engine for performing ADAS analytics:

• Deep Learning/CNN operations

• Object detection & tracking

• Camera obstruction detection

• Dynamic calibration

Development Support

TDAx automotive processors are supported by a mature S/W, H/W and 3rd party ecosystem:

• Processor Software Development Kit for Vision Applications including specific use cases for LVDS and Ethernet surround view applications.

• Multiple cost effective hardware Development Platforms for every stage of development.

• Extensive 3rd party ecosystem offering various levels of support including image tuning and DMS-specific analytic solutions from concept to production. 

Product family selection guide

Device Features
Processing Map
Camera inputs Up to 6x (4x CSI + 2x DVP) Up to 10x (6x CSI + 4x DVP) Serial/parallel sensor interfaces

Imaging Subsystem with Image Signal Processor (ISP)

Includes wide dynamic range (WDR), Mesh/(de)warp acceleration, noise filters, statistics, resizers & more

Up to 212 Mpixels/sec

1x 1.4-2.8 Mp @ 60fps

3x 0.5-1.0 Mp @ 60fps

Up to 512 Mpixels/sec

1x 3.4-6.8 Mp @ 60fps

3x 1.1-2.3 Mp @ 60fps

Image stream processing, Wide dynamic range (WDR) processing, Lens distortion correction
DSP - C66x


355-1000 MHz/core


500-1000 MHz/core

User Authentication, HL* feature tracking, Functional safety, HL cabin monitoring
Analytics (SIMD) - EVE


355-900 MHz


500-900 MHz/core

CNN(s) for head/eye detection, Eye gaze tracking, Recognition functions

CPU - ARM Cortex A15

3.5 DMIPS/cycle/core


1 - 2x

500-1500 MHz/core

HL Application, HLOS, Safety OS
MPU - ARM Cortex M4 1x dual 212 MHz 2x dual 212 MHz/core CAN, Ethernet stack, Safety RTOS, Vision control code, HL tracking functions



H.264 encode

1Mp @ 30fps SW H.264


2Mp @ 30fps MJPEG

HW Encode: Total 6.5Mp @ 30fps 


3x 2.1 Mp @ 30fps

Upstream Encode
DDR / memory BW 1x 32b 1066 : 4.3 GB/s 2x 32b 1333 : 10.6 GB/s Off-chip buffers & temporary storage
Software compatibility Software compatible & extensible

*HL = High-Level

Hardware and Software Platforms

DesignCore Driver Monitoring System Development Kit

The DesignCore DMS development Kit is based on a Jacinto TDA3x processor, enables engineers to develop in-cabin DMS capabilities quickly. This DMS kit monitors the driver and their eye movements.

By D3 Engineering

DesignCore™ Rugged Vision Platform Development Kit (TDA2x, TDA2Ex and TDA3x)

Based on the TI TDAx line of automotive vision processors, this rugged, compact design supports multiple simultaneous vision sensors, radar sensors, and a host of peripherals including displays, CAN, USB, and Gigabit Ethernet that helps shorten the development time.

By D3 Engineering

DesignCore TDA3x Automotive Starter Kit

This benchtop Starter Kit lets you evaluate embedded ADAS technology. Based on the Texas Instruments TDA3x advanced vision processor, it enables synchronous acquisition of four FPD-Link III HD data streams (video, radar, lidar, etc.) for 

By D3 Engineering

TDA3x Evaluation Module Kit

General purpose evaluation module based on TDA3x processor. The EVM integrates a host of peripherals including parallel and serial multi-camera interfaces, CAN & CAN-FD, GigB Ethernet PHY, FPD-Link III, display, serializer and deserializer module and support for interfacing with Safety MCU EVM.

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TI's innovative vision SDK framework allows developers to create different ADAS application data flows involving video capture, pre-processing, analytics algorithms and display.