TDAx ADAS SoCs – Mirror replacement/CMS

Mirror replacement systems replace the rear and side mirrors on vehicles with small cameras mounted on the outside and monitors on the inside of the vehicle. Mirror replacement systems offer multiple advantages over conventional mirrors such as reduced aerodynamic drag, improved fuel efficiency, better visibility under various conditions, better field of view with elimination of blind spots, and the ability to perform analytic functions like object detection.

Jacinto™ TDAx automotive processors are designed to address
the key needs of mirror replacement systems such as excellent image quality, low latency, safety, and high levels of integration. In addition, TI provides complete hardware and software scalability enabling easy development of optimized solutions and faster time to market.

Mirror Replacement / CMS configurations options



Left mirror
Rearview mirror
Right mirror

1x Camera

1x ADAS Processor

1x Display

1x Camera

1x ADAS Processor

1x Display

1x Camera

1x ADAS Processor

1x Display

Highly configurable for
scalability across various vehicle models.

Best for CMS as option.

3-1-3 1x Camera 1x Camera 1x Camera

Common centralized processing.

Best for CMS as standard vehicle feature.

1x ADAS Processor
1x Display 1x Display 1x Display
TDA3x based CMS block diagram
TDA2Px based CMS block diagram

Features and benefits

Safety compliant architecture

  • Meets ISO 26262 & ISO 16505 standards
  • Qualified according to AEC-Q100

Image processing

Best in class image processing that provides:

  • Compatibility with all automotive image sensors
  • Flexible heterogeneous architecture
    • Complete hardware image pipe for speed and efficiency
    • Flexibility to customize processing by tapping out of ISP into EVE & DSP programmable cores
  • High-quality WDR up to 120dB and beyond
    • Flexibility to handle any WDR data format including future formats
    • Best in class low light performance
  • On-chip LED Flicker Mitigation (LFM)
    • Comprehensive and effective LED Flicker Mitigation (LFM) on chip
    • Flexibility to choose best image sensor regardless of on-sensor LFM

Embedded Vision Engine (EVE)

Dedicated SIMD Analytics Engine for performing ADAS analytics:

  • Object detection
  • Camera obstruction detection
  • Blind spot detection/warning
  • Dynamic calibration

Scalable hardware and software platform

TI Jacinto TDAx automotive processors enable the customers to scale solutions between multiple configurations while safe-guarding existing software investments. TI provides a single processor SDK - vision package containing framework components that can scale across various TDAx family of processors.

Development support

  • Processor Software Development Kit for vision applications including specific use cases for mirror replacement system application.
  • Multiple cost effective hardware development platforms for every stage of development.
  • Rich 3rd party ecosystem offering various levels of support including image tuning and analytics solutions from concept to production.

Product family selection guide

Camera inputs
Up to 6x (4x CSI + 2x DVP) Up to 10x (6x CSI + 4x DVP)

Image processing (ISP)

Includes WDR, Mesh/(de)warp accel,

noise filters, statistics, resizers, LFM & more

Up to 212.8 Mpixels/sec

1x 1.4~2.8 Mp @ 60fps

3x 0.5~1 Mp @ 60fps

Up to 512 Mpixels/sec

1x 3.4~6.8 Mp @ 60fps

3x 1.1~2.3 Mp @ 60fps

LED flicker mitigation (LFM)
Multiple on-chip flicker mitigation options available
Use case example 1

120dB WDR on-sensor 3 frame merge

1x camera to 1x display
1920x1080 (2.1Mp) @ 60fps
2x camera to 1x display
1280x960 (1.2Mp) @ 60fps

3x camera to 3x display

Side 2x:  1920x1080 (2.1Mp) @ 60fps

Center:  1920x480 (0.9Mp) @ 60fps

Use case example 2 

120dB WDR on-sensor 3 frame merge

1x camera to 1x display

1280x720 (0.9Mp) @ 60fps

3x camera to 3x display

Side 2x: 1280x720 (0.9Mp) @ 60fps

Center:  1280x320 (0.4Mp) @ 60fps

Display out

24b RGB Parallel (DPI)

1x 3x
DSP - C66x


355-1000 MHz


500-1000 MHz


Analytics (SIMD) - EVE


355-900 MHz


500-900 MHz

CPU - ARM Cortex A15

3.5 DMIPS/cycle/core


1 - 2x

500-1500 MHz

MPU - ARM Cortex M4
1x dual 212 MHz
2x dual 212 MHz
3D graphics
Mesh Warp HWA
2x SGX544 GPU 665MHz
43 Gflops


H.264 encode

1Mp @ 30fps SW H.264

2Mp @ 30fps MJPEG

HW Encode: Total 6.5Mp @ 30fps 

3x 2.1 Mp @ 30fps

DDR / memory BW
1x 32b 1066 : 4.3 GB/s 2x 32b 1333 : 10.6 GB/s
Software compatibility
Software compatible & extensible

Hardware and software tools

TDA3x Evaluation Module Kit

General purpose evaluation module based on TDA3x processor that integrates a host of peripherals including multi-camera interfaces (both parallel and serial), CAN-FD, Ethernet PHY, display, SERDES module and support for interfacing with safety MCU EVM.

DesignCore™ TDA3x Automotive Starter Kit

This benchtop starter kit lets you evaluate embedded ADAS technology. Based on the TDA3x advanced vision processor, it enables synchronous acquisition of four FPD-Link III HD data streams (video, radar, lidar, etc.) for real-time vision processing and analytics.

DesignCore Rugged Vision Platform Development Kit (TDA2x, TDA2Ex and TDA3x)

Based on the TI TDAx line of automotive vision processors, this rugged, compact design supports multiple simultaneous vision sensors, radar sensors, and a host of peripherals including displays, CAN, USB, and Gigabit Ethernet that helps shorten the development time.

Automotive Vision Software Development Kit (SDK)

TI's innovative vision SDK framework allows developers to create different ADAS application data flows involving video capture, pre-processing, analytics algorithms and display. TI's vision SDK is complemented with libraries for EVE and DSP cores, enabling users to jump start development.

Software components and applications 

Software components
Mirror replacement / CMS system applications
Boot loader, peripheral drivers SBL, drivers for standard peripherals (I2C, SPI, etc.)
Display driver DSS based display drivers (HDMI/FPD Link / LCD)
ISS drivers
Drivers for Image pipe, HW de-warp
Image tuning tool
PC tool for image quality tuning
Video codecs
(MJPEG / MPEG4 / H.264)
Hardware / software video encode for recording / Ethernet display
Compute library
Compute library on EVE and DSP
LED flicker mitigation algorithm
Three frame WDR merge algorithm
WDR merge algorithm
MCAL drivers for AUTOSAR
Links framework
Framework for connecting drivers, algorithms and other processing nodes
Demo applications Mirror Replacement / CMS demo
AUTOSAR MCAL drivers MCAL drivers for AUTOSAR
Security SECDEV package for boot / run time security with HS devices

Find support for all TDAx based TI hardware platforms, tools and software offerings.

TI's innovative vision SDK framework allows developers to create different ADAS application data flows involving video capture, pre-processing, analytics algorithms and display.