TDAx ADAS SoCs – Radar

Automotive ADAS systems are built around multiple sensor modalities to perceive traffic and road environment in all driving conditions. Radars are an important component of this sensor eco-system because they are used to measure distance between vehicles in real time. Moreover, RADAR works well in all weather and lighting conditions, which are important for reliably enabling the following ADAS features:

  1. Collision avoidance
  2. Lane change assist
  3. Adaptive cruise control in highway driving and urban driving scenarios
  4. Traffic jam assist
  5. Blind spot monitoring
  6. Parking assist by using radar instead of ultrasonic sensors

The requirements for radar processing performance and the system block diagram vary widely across these applications. For example, a short range radar system that detects objects properly with a limited angular resolution in a 2-5 meter range is useful for parking assist. On the other hand, a long-range radar system that can perceive the road environment out to 250 meters is critical for robust collision avoidance for high speed driving on freeways. A mid-range system that can sense approximately 50 meters with a wide field of view is required for blind spot monitoring applications.

TI JacintoTM TDAx ADAS automotive processors are designed to efficiently process the data from multiple radar sensors, for all the above applications. Moreover, a wide range of product features within the TDAx portfolio enables customers to make a selection that best fits the critical system parameters of power, performance, size and cost.

Automotive Processors Radar Block Diagram

Features and benefits

Scalable platform

TI Jacinto TDAx automotive processors share a common core platform and architecture, allowing software to be reused as developers scale their design from entry to premium segments, thereby reducing time to market. Pin-to-pin compatibility options also enable hardware reuse.

The Jacinto TDAx family enables full scalability for radar system processing across multiple safety applications that require different number of radars. These applications also have system cost and performance constraints that can be easily met with TDA2 and TDA3 processors with complete s/w reuse.

The SOC family also offers scalable DMIPS, GFLOPS, and memory throughput for environment and sensor fusion processing.

Performance provided by heterogeneous architecture

TI Jacinto TDAx automotive processors can meet the performance and fast boot requirements of a radar solution by leveraging high performance C66x DSPs, EVE engines, Auxiliary Arm® Cortex™-M4 MPU cores, high throughput flash interfaces (QSPI, eMMC, NAND) and DDR throughput.

Integrated DSPs and EVEs efficiently process up to 4 cascaded radar sensors for multi-dimensional FFTs, magnitude computation, clustering algorithms, CFAR detection, Kalman filtering and sensor fusion.

Safety and security support

TI Jacinto TDAx automotive processors have a number of safety and security features supported in hardware including:

  • Auxiliary Arm® Cortex™-M4 MPUs
  • Hardware firewalls
  • MMUs
  • Memory ECC support
  • Display write-back path
  • Security accelerators


Additionally, the TDA3 family includes:

  • Clock, voltage and interrupt monitors
  • Hardware CRC block
  • Window watchdog timers and
  • Other enhanced safety mechanisms for safe computation and AUTOSAR.


The safety features enable customers to design systems that can achieve ASIL-B or higher safety levels.

TI Jacinto TDAx security support enables secure boot, run-time security and many of the EVITA-HSM features.

 Product family selection guide

Radar scalability 4x SRR, 4x MRR, 2x LRR 4x LRR, 4x Cascade (12 Tx, 16 Rx) 
Pin2Pin compatible Pin2Pin compatible
MPU (DMIPs) Up to 0.5K Up to 0.5K Up to 10.6K Up to 12.7K
EVE 1x (500MHz) 1x (667MHz) 2-4x (500-650MHz) 2x (500-900MHz)
C66x DSP 2x C66x 500 MHz 2x C66x 745 MHz 2x C66x 500MHz 2x C66x 1 GHz
Memory BW (GB/s) Up to 4.0 Up to 5.3 Up to 8.5 Up to 10.7
Power consumption* < 2W < 2.5W < 4W <5W
Power management LP8732, LP8733 LP8732, LP8733 TPS65917 or TPS659039 TPS659039
Software compatibility Software compatible & extensible

*May change depending on your use-case. This number is measured for typical radar applications
LRR – Long range radar, MRR – Mid range radar, SRR – Short range radar

Hardware and software tools

TDA3x Evaluation Module Kit

General purpose evaluation module based on TDA3x processor that integrates a host of peripherals including multi-camera interfaces (both parallel and serial), CAN-FD, Ethernet PHY, display, SERDES module and support for interfacing with Safety MCU EVM.

DesignCore™ TDA3x Automotive Starter Kit

This benchtop starter kit lets you evaluate embedded ADAS technology. Based on the TDA3x advanced vision processor, it enables synchronous acquisition of four FPD-Link III HD data streams (video, radar, lidar, etc.) for real-time vision processing and analytics.

TDA2x Evaluation Module Kit

General purpose evaluation module based on TDA2x processor. The board supports interfacing with vision application board and 1920x1200 multi-touch display that will help jump start your evaluation and application development.

DesignCore Rugged Vision Platform Development Kit (TDA2x, TDA2Ex and TDA3x)

Based on the TI TDAx line of automotive vision processors, this rugged, compact design supports multiple simultaneous vision sensors, radar sensors, and a host of peripherals including displays, CAN, USB, and Gigabit Ethernet that helps shorten the development time.

RTOS Processor SDK for Radar

Multi-processor SDK for TDAx processors. The framework allows users to create different ADAS application data flows involving radar capture and processing along with support for video capture, processing and display. The SDK has foundational drivers, compute & vision kernels for EVE and DSP.

Software components and applications 

Software components
Radar applications
Boot loader, peripheral drivers SBL, drivers for standard peripherals (I2C, SPI, etc.)
Capture driver CSI2 or VIP drivers for radar sensor data capture
Radar sensor AWR12x radar sensor drivers
Compute library Compute library on EVE and DSP for radar functions like FFT, beam forming etc.
Radar data processing algorithm Demo algorithms for radar data processing
Links framework Framework for connecting drivers, algorithms and other processing nodes
Demo applications Radar application demo
AUTOSAR MCAL drivers MCAL drivers for AUTOSAR
Security SECDEV package for boot / run time security with HS devices

Find support for all TDAx based TI hardware platforms, tools and software offerings.

TI's innovative vision SDK framework allows developers to create different ADAS application data flows involving video capture, pre-processing, analytics algorithms and display.