Communications Processors - Tools & software

Kits and evaluation modules for communications processors

Immediately start evaluating and developing your base stations and wireless communication solutions with the right development kit for your needs

TCI6630K2L Evaluation Modules with Encryption

Fully featured, robust evaluation and development tool for enterprise and pico basestations and wireless communication applications.

TCI6636K2H Evaluation Modules with Encryption

The TCI6636K2H EVM with double wide AMC form-factor enables developers to evaluate the TCI6636K2H processor and begin building applications that demand high-performance computation like telecom infrastructures, wireless standards including WCDMA/HSPA/HSPA+, TD-SCDMA, GSM, TDD-LTE,FDD-LTE, and WiMAX.

TCI6614 Evaluation Modules with Encryption

Fully featured, robust evaluation and development tool for small cell basestations and wireless communication applications.

Development tools for communications processors

Code Composer Studio IDE

Code Composer Studio™ IDE is a complete, Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) that supports all the entire Texas Instruments Embedded Processors portfolio, offering a consistent development experience.

Software for communications processors

TI SDKs provide key operating systems, drivers, examples, tools, software components and documentation for the platform of your choice. SDKs can be downloaded on for free, and also come with TI EVMs and development kits. SDKs require no runtime royalties. In addition, customers can get the end-to-end tested application software from third-party ecosystem.

Multicore Software Development Kit

The Multicore Software Development Kits (MCSDK) provide highly-optimized bundles of foundational, platform-specific drivers to enable development on selected Sitara and DSP devices.

  • The MCSDK gives developers the ability to evaluate hardware and software capabilities of the evaluation platform and to rapidly develop applications.

Radio Frequency Software Development Kit

Radio Frequency Software Development Kit (RFSDK) is a collection of highly optimized APIs and highly abstracted commands to control, configure and manage the JESD204B interface, digital front end (DFE), analog front end (AFE) and high speed data converters (ADC/DAC).

LTE and 3G Software

Customers can simplify their development and reduce time-to-market with the robust software offerings from TI’s communication processor ecosystem. TI’s ecosystem members offer integrated or subsystem level software solutions for LTE eNodeB PHY, eNodeB Stack, WCDMA PHY and Stack.