OMAP-L1x – Tools & software


TI provides key runtime software components and documentation to further ease development. The following software components are the ones most widely used.

Processor SDK

Processor SDK-RTOS &Processor SDK-LINUX provides DSP + Arm® developers a choice of TI-RTOS or LINUX operating systems, with an easy set up and quick out-of-box experience that highlights the features of TI's digital signal processors.

Code Composer Studio (CCStudio)

An Eclipse-based IDE developed and supported by TI for TI embedded processor families, CCStudio software comprises a suite of tools used to develop and debug embedded applications.

DSP Libraries - Signal Processing

TI provides optimized libraries that are commonly used in signal processing applications. These routines are typically used in computationally intensive real-time applications where optimal execution speed is critical.

Development tools

Two platforms are available to enable developers to explore the full functionality of the OMAP-L1x processors.


OMAP-L138 Development Kit (LCDK)

The OMAPL138 development kit will enable fast and easy DSP software and hardware development. This scalable platform will ease and accelerate software and hardware development of everyday applications that require real-time signal processing and control.

Support & Community

You know what processor you want to use, you ordered the hardware tools and downloaded the software tools, now you need to know what support resources are available in case you have any questions.

TI E2E community

TI's E2E community includes support forums in which you can search for answers to your question or submit a new question. You may find your question has already been answered.