C6000 Multicore DSP + Arm® SoC

Integrated Arm® and DSP cores providing system-level cost, power and area savings

TI DSP + Arm® processors include a wide range of device choices that deliver the highest performance at the lowest power levels and costs. TI DSP + Arm® solutions range from single core ARM9 + C674x DSP to quad-core Arm® Cortex®-A15 + 8xC66x DSP cores.

Many system advantages can be realized with the integration of ARM and DSP cores including cost, power and area savings. TI Arm® + DSP solutions are optimized for embedded systems with a focus on power savings and real-time performance.

C6000 Multicore performance range

Performance range

  • Arm® + DSP performance from 456 MHz to 1.2 GHz
  • Up to 200 GFLOPS
  • Single core to multicore ARM Cortex-A15
C6000 Multicore applications

High performance, low-power/low-cost applications


  • Industrial automation
  • Single board computing
  • Machine vision
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C6000 DSP+Arm® devices

  OMAP-L138 66AK2G02 66AK2E05 66AK2L06 66AK2H14
# of cores
(Max frequency)
ARM core(s) 1x ARM9
1x Cortex-A15
4x Cortex-A15
2x Cortex-A15
4x Cortex-A15
DSP core(s) 1x C647x
(456 MHz)
1x C66x
(600 MHz)
1x C66x
(1.2 GHz)
4x C66x
(1.2 GHz)
8x C66x
(1.2 GHz)
# of cores
(Max frequency)
DMIPS 456 2,100 19,600 8,400 19,600
GFLOPS 2.75 28.8 67.2 69.0 198.4
GMACS 3.65 19.2 44.8 153.6 307.2
Shared SRAM 128 KB 1 MB 2 MB 3 MB 6 MB
Ethernet 1x 10/100 1x 100/1000 8x 100/1000 4x 100/1000 4x 100/1000
10 Gigabit Ethernet -- -- 2 lanes -- 2 lanes
Serial RapidIO -- -- -- -- Yes
Unique Peripherals McASP PRU-ICSS
-- JESD204B
Case Temperature -40°C to 100°C -40°C to 125°C -40°C to 100°C
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