C6000 power-optimized DSP

Energy efficient single and multicore DSPs for embedded processing applications

TI DSPs are simple to program with many tools and libraries available to ease development. TI optimized libraries provide access to common math functions with everything from filtering to FFTs to linear algebra. In addition, OpenCL and OpenMP support for multicore homogeneous and heterogeneous programming.

C6000 DSP performance range

Performance range

  • Best-in-class GFLOPS/W
  • 456 Mhz to 1.4 GHz
  • Single to octal core
C6000 DSP software

Integration and software

The AM5K2Ex family offers high-reliability (low SER and FIT rate), many high-speed peripherals and multiple pin compatible options.

C6000 DSP applications

Featured applications

  • Avionics and defense
  • Machine vision and analytics
  • Grid infrastructure
  • Medical imaging
  • Software defined radio

C6000 processors

  Single Core C674x 1-2 Core C665x 4-8 Core C667x
  C674x DSP C665x DSP C667x DSP
Speed (MHz) 200-456MHz 600MHz-1.25GHz 1GHz-1.4GHz
Up to 3.6 GMACS
Up to 20 GFLOPS
Up to 80 GMACS
Up to 179 GFLOPS
Up to 358 GMACS
Power Consumption (typ.) <0.5W 1.5W-3.5W 6W-10W
External Memory 16b DDR2/mDDR 32b (LP)DDR3 w/ECC 64b (LP)DDR3 w/ECC
Operating system TI RTOS TI RTOS TI RTOS
Key Features Low power, fixed and floating point DSP, code reuse from C64x/C67x, PRU, pin compatible with OMAP-L138/2, secure boot option High performance, power efficient fixed and floating point; enhanced multicore performance; single and dual C66x core options, lower power versions available High performance, power efficient fixed and floating point; enhanced multicore performance; security and packet acceleration; single to octal C66x core scalability
Peripherals LCD Controller, USB2, SATA, EMAC, Video in/out, uPP (for high speed data converters) PCIe Gen2, Serial RapidIO, GigE, Hyperlink, Universal Parallel Port PCIe Gen2, Serial RapidIO, GigE with integrated switch, Hyperlink, Telecom Serial Ports
Applications Mobile radio, currency counter, biometrics Machine vision and analytics, avionics and defense, power protection and grid infrastructure Machine vision, radar, embedded analytics, multimedia infrastructure, defense, imaging
Pricing Starting at $6.30 (1K) Starting at $24.90 (1K) Starting at $79.00 (1K)
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