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Voice as the user interface – a new era in speech processing white Paper

This white paper reviews the technology and implementation aspects necessary for voice as user interface in end equipments, from home hub devices to home automation and industrial applications.

Sitara Linux ALSA DSP Microphone Array Voice Recognition

This application note shows how to integrate a DSP based audio system as a device into a standard Linux build using the ALSA framework.

Processor SDK RTOS Audio Benchmark Starter Kit

This application notes describes Audio Benchmark Starterkit software that provides an easy and quick way to benchmark key audio functions on C66x and C674x DSP devices using Processor SDK RTOS, and is ideal for new TI DSP users.

TI DSP Benchmarking

This application report provides benchmarks for the C674x DSP core, the C66x DSP core and the ARM®Cortex®-A15 core. This document also shows how to reproduce these benchmarks on specific hardware platforms.

Getting personal with the 66AK2Gx SoC (Rev. A)

This white paper explores the architecture and features of the 66AK2G02 DSP + ARM processor system on a chip (SOC) and how they are relevant to a variety of audio-based applications.

Instructions to Benchmark C55 DSP Library

Shows how to measure the performances of a sub-set of the DSPLIB functions executed on real hardware.

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Application notes

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Title Abstract Type Size (KB) Date Views
High-Speed Interface Layout Guidelines (Rev. G) Read Abstract PDF 8 27 Jul 2017 9475
Plastic Ball Grid Array [PBGA] Application Note (Rev. B) Read Abstract PDF 8 13 Aug 2015 2243
Using the OMAP-L1x7 Bootloader (Rev. G) Read Abstract Multiple Files 8 01 Jun 2012 545

Selection guides

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Title Abstract Type Size (KB) Date Views
TI HealthTech Health Guide (Rev. A) PDF 4838 02 May 2013 934
TI HealthTech Imaging Applications Guide (Rev. C) PDF 3424 02 May 2013 2209

Solution guides

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Title Abstract Type Size (KB) Date Views
Smart Grid Solutions Guide (Rev. O) PDF 2005 18 Dec 2014 5631
Audio Accessory Designs From Start to Finish eBook PDF 2411 20 Jun 2014 473

White papers

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Title Abstract Type Size (KB) Date Views
“Get smart” with TI’s embedded analytics technology PDF 2059 30 May 2012 830
MityDSP®-L138F Software Defined Radio Using uPP Data Transfer (Rev. A) PDF 94 02 Feb 2012 306
OpenCV on TI’s DSP+ARM® PDF 353 27 Jul 2011 293