Sitara processors – Design & development

Software for Sitara processors

TI provides key runtime software components and documentation for the Sitara processor platform. Software development kits (SDK) can be downloaded on for free, and are included with TI evaluation modules (EVM) and development kits. SDKs for Sitara processors require no runtime royalties. They include board support packages (BSPs), tools, demos, documentation and more. O/S independent support includes peripheral-specific libraries, drivers, and application examples.


Industrial software for PRU-ICSS

Software supporting industrial communications on the PRU-ICSS is provided through PRU-ICSS-INDUSTRIAL-SW packages on top of Processor SDK.

Kits and evaluation modules for Sitara processors

Sitara processors offer a variety of hardware options to facilitate development, including evaluation modules and reference designs.

AM335x Arm Cortex-A8

Cost optimized general processing 

AM4x Arm Cortex-A9

Real time control and security

AM5x Arm Cortex-A15

Arm + DSP performance and multimedia

AMIC Industrial Ethernet

Optimized for industrial Ethernet

AM6x Arm Cortex A-53

Gigabit industrial Ethernet processors


Development tools for Sitara processors

Integrated Development Environment, compilers, and tool chains from TI and TI Design Network members.

Code Composer Studio™ IDE

Code Composer Studio IDE is a complete, Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) that supports all Sitara processors and the rest of TI's embedded processing portfolio, offering a consistent development experience.

When using Code Composer Studio IDE with a Sitara processor, a unique and powerful set of plug-ins and tools are made available to fully leverage the Sitara processor.

Code Composer Studio

Design Tools

These free tools are downloadable from and help you further tweak your design to your specific needs.

Clock Tree Tool

Clock Tree Tool

An interactive clock tree configuration software that provides information about the clocks and modules.

Pin Mux Tool

Pin Mux Tool

Windows-based software tool which provides a Graphical User Interface for configuring pin multiplexing settings, resolving conflicts and specifying I/O cell characteristics. Results are output as C header files.

Power Estimation Tool

Power Estimation Tool

Gain insight in to the power consumption of Sitara processors. The tool includes the ability for the user to choose multiple application scenarios and understand the power consumption as well as how advanced power saving techniques can be applied to further reduce overall power consumption.