AM57x - Tools & Software

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TI provides key runtime software components and documentation to further ease development. The following software components are the ones most widely used.

Processor SDK

Processor SDK-Linux provides Sitara™ developers with an easy set up and quick out-of-box experience that highlights the features of TI's Arm® processors.

Industrial Software for PRU-ICSS

Software supporting industrial communications on the PRU-ICSS is provided through PRU-ICSS-INDUSTRIAL-SW packages on top of Processor SDK.

Code Composer Studio (CCStudio)

An Eclipse-based IDE developed and supported by TI for TI embedded processor families, CCStudio software comprises a suite of tools used to develop and debug embedded applications.

Development tools

Platforms are available to enable developers to explore the full functionality of the AM57x processors.

AM571x Industrial Development Kit (IDK)

The AM571x Industrial Development Kit (IDK) exposes industrial peripherals such as the PRU-ICSS for industrial Ethernet, DCAN, RS485, simultaneous 6-port Ethernet and more. This board can be used for applications in areas like factory automation, motion control, robotics and grid infrastructure. 

AM572x Evaluation Module (EVM)

The AM572x Evaluation Module (EVM) enables developers to immediately start evaluating the AM57x processor family (AM5706AM5708AM5716AM5718AM5726 and AM5728) and develop software applications with ample hardware testability and connectivity.

AM572x Industrial Development Kit (IDK)

The AM572x Industrial Development Kit (IDK) exposes industrial peripherals such as the PRU-ICSS, Profibus, DCAN & more for evaluating the industrial communication and control capabilities of AM57x processors for applications in factory automation, motion control, robotics & grid infrastructure.

TI Designs

In addition to development boards, TI publishes TI Designs to aid developers implement specific applications or functionality.


Support & community

You know what processor you want to use, you ordered the hardware tools and downloaded the software tools, now you need to know what support resources are available in case you have any questions.

Training & Videos

The following training and videos are available for AM57x processors:

TI E2E Community

TI's E2E community includes support forums in which you can search for answers to your question or submit a new question. Odds are your question has already been answered.