Sitara™ Processors

Scalable portfolio integrating Arm® Cortex®-A cores with flexible peripherals

Flexible peripherals and connectivity

  • System optimized with rich peripheral set for a wide set of applications from sensors to servers.
  • Connect and control a wide set of devices and sensors on the system with a cornucopia of peripherals.
  • Multimedia options from simple displays to high-performance HMIs with 3D graphics and HD video.
  • Protect your IP and investment with secure boot and crypto.
  • Out-of-the-box support for Wi-Fi connectivity with WiLink™ 8.


  • Broad portfolio of processors from ultra-low-power to ultra-high-performance.
  • Options including single-core Cortex™-A8 up to multicore Cortex™-A15 devices.
  • Scalable software experience with Processor SDK using a mainline LTS Linux Kernel and TI-RTOS allowing easy migration between processors.
  • Pin compatible options within processor families making hardware upgrades seamless.

Unified software experience

  • A fully scalable software platform for simplified development and migration across TI's latest Sitara™ and digital signal processor (DSP) families.
  • Intuitive development environment with common graphical navigation, tools and utilities across devices makes it easier for developers for both Linux and TI-RTOS-based development.
  • Mainline LTS (Long Term Support) Linux kernel brings higher quality, stability, easier migration.
  • Simplify use of dedicated processing resources through standard programming interfaces such as OpenCL, OpenCV and more.
ARM Cortex-A up to 1.0 GHz
Sitara ARM Processors speak industrial

Build for industrial and the long term

  • Supporting applications with product life cycles typically in excess of 10 years.
  • The Programmable Real-Time Unit (PRU) provides flexibility in implementing fast real-time responses as short as 5ns, specialized data handling operations, and custom peripheral interfaces.
  • The Industrial Communication Subsystem (ICSS) enables the integration of real-time industrial communications protocols and eliminates the need for an external ASIC or FPGA.
  • Designed to meet industrial requirements such as 100k power-on-hours, up to 125° C temperatures and low FIT rates.


  • Reduce barriers to development with low cost development boards, free & easy access to software, free design tools & large open-source community support from
  • E2E support community and training available 24/7 on
  • Broad ecosystem of hardware and software partners.
  • Long product lifecycles measured in decades.
Sitara ARM Support