Multicore DSP+Arm, 1 Arm A15 cores, 1x C66x DSP core

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* Datasheet 66AK2G1x Multicore DSP+Arm KeyStone II System-on-Chip (SoC) datasheet (Rev. F) Dec. 10, 2019
* Errata 66AK2G1x Errata (Rev. B) Jun. 20, 2018
Application notes Using DSPLIB FFT Implementation for Real Input and Without Data Scaling Jun. 11, 2019
White papers Sitara Processor Security (Rev. D) May 09, 2019
Application notes KeyStone II DDR3 interface bring-up Mar. 07, 2019
User guides 66AK2Gx Multicore DSP + ARM Keystone II System-on-Chip (SOC) TRM (Rev. I) Feb. 25, 2019
Application notes Industrial Communication Protocols Supported on Sitara™ Processors (Rev. B) Jan. 21, 2019
Application notes PRU-ICSS Feature Comparison (Rev. C) Dec. 20, 2018
Application notes High-Speed Interface Layout Guidelines (Rev. H) Oct. 11, 2018
White papers Designing professional audio mixers for every scenario Jun. 28, 2018
User guides DDR ECC Reference Design to Improve Memory Reliability in 66AK2Gx-Based Systems (Rev. B) Jun. 12, 2018
Application notes 66AK2G1x: EVMK2GX General-Purpose EVM Power Distribution Network Analysis Mar. 14, 2018
User guides PRU Assembly Instruction User Guide Feb. 16, 2018
Application notes 66AK2G12 Power Consumption Summary Feb. 09, 2018
Application notes DDR3 Design Requirements for KeyStone Devices (Rev. C) Jan. 23, 2018
Application notes 66AK2G12 Power Estimation Tool Jan. 19, 2018
User guides TPS65911A User’s Guide for 66AK2G12 Processor (Rev. A) Dec. 18, 2017
User guides 66AK2Gx Hardware Design Guide (Rev. A) Nov. 14, 2017
User guides 66AK2Gx BGA Escape Routing Stackup (Rev. A) Nov. 14, 2017
Application notes 66AK2Gx Schematic Checklist (Rev. A) Nov. 14, 2017
User guides K2G General Purpose Evaluation Module (EVMK2G) TRM (Rev. A) Sep. 20, 2017
White papers Designing Embedded Systems for High Reliability With 66AK2Gx (Rev. A) Aug. 28, 2017
White papers Getting personal with the 66AK2Gx SoC (Rev. A) Aug. 02, 2017
More literature K2G General-Purpose (GP) EVM Quick Start Guide (Rev. A) Jul. 27, 2017
White papers Voice as the user interface – a new era in speech processing white Paper May 09, 2017
Application notes Processor SDK RTOS Audio Benchmark Starter Kit Apr. 12, 2017
Selection guides TI Components for Aerospace and Defense Guide (Rev. E) Mar. 22, 2017
User guides K2G Industrial Communications Engine (K2G ICE) Feb. 28, 2017
More literature K2G Industrial Communications Engine (ICE) Quick Start Guide Feb. 02, 2017
User guides TPS659118 User’s Guide for 66AK2G02 Processor May 02, 2016
Application notes SERDES Link Commissioning on KeyStone I and II Devices Apr. 13, 2016
More literature K2G Audio Daughter Card Quick Start Guide Mar. 14, 2016
White papers Multicore SoCs stay a step ahead of SoC FPGAs Feb. 23, 2016
Application notes TI DSP Benchmarking Jan. 13, 2016
Application notes Keystone II DDR3 Debug Guide Oct. 16, 2015
Application notes Keystone II DDR3 Initialization Jan. 26, 2015
Application notes Hardware Design Guide for KeyStone II Devices Mar. 24, 2014
User guides C66x CorePac User's Guide (Rev. C) Jun. 28, 2013
User guides C66x CPU and Instruction Set Reference Guide Nov. 09, 2010
User guides C66x DSP Cache User's Guide Nov. 09, 2010