ADC12048 12-Bit Plus Sign 216 kHz 8 Channel Sampling Analog to Digital Converter |

ADC12048 (LIFEBUY) 12-Bit Plus Sign 216 kHz 8 Channel Sampling Analog to Digital Converter



Operating from a single 5V power supply, the ADC12048 is a 12 bit + sign, parallel I/O, self-calibrating, sampling analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with an eight input fully differential analog multiplexer. The maximum sampling rate is 216 kHz. On request, the ADC goes through a self-calibration process that adjusts linearity, zero and full-scale errors.

The ADC12048's 8-channel multiplexer is software programmable to operate in a variety of combinations of single-ended, differential, or pseudo-differential modes. The fully differential MUX and the 12-bit + sign ADC allows for the difference between two signals to be digitized.

The ADC12048 can be configured to work with many popular microprocessors/microcontrollers and DSPs including Tl's HPC family, Intel386 and 8051, TMS320C25, Motorola MC68HC11/16, Hitachi 64180 and Analog Devices ADSP21xx.

For complementary voltage references see the LM4040, LM4041 or LM9140.


  • 8-Channel Programmable Differential or Single-Ended Multiplexer
  • Programmable Acquisition Times and User-Controllable Throughput Rates
  • Programmable Data Bus Width (8/13 bits)
  • Built-in Sample-and-Hold
  • Programmable Auto-Calibration and Auto-Zero cycles
  • Low Power Standby Mode
  • No Missing Codes

Key Specifications

  • (fCLK = 12 MHz)
  • Resolution: 12-Bits + Sign
  • 13-Bit Conversion Time: 3.6 μs, Max
  • 13-Bit Throughput Rate: 216 ksamples/s, Min
  • Integral Linearity Error (ILE): ±1 LSB, Max
  • Single Supply: +5 V ±10%
  • VIN Range: GND to VA+
  • Power Consumption
    • Normal Operation: 34 mW, Max
    • Stand-By Mode: 75 μw, Max

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