16-bit 860-SPS 4-ch delta-sigma ADC with PGA, oscillator, VREF, temp sensor and SPI

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* Datasheet ADS1118 Ultrasmall, Low-Power, SPI-Compatible, 16-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converter with Internal Reference and Temperature Sensor datasheet (Rev. F) Sep. 11, 2019
Application notes Precision measurement circuit with 8 different channels and SPI Nov. 12, 2019
Application notes K-type thermocouple measurement circuit with precision ADC Mar. 19, 2019
Application notes A Basic Guide to Thermocouple Measurements Sep. 28, 2018
Application notes QFN and SON PCB Attachment (Rev. B) Aug. 24, 2018
User guides 430BOOST-ADS1118 BoosterPack User's Guide (Rev. A) Jul. 20, 2017
Application notes Digital Filter Types in Delta-Sigma ADCs Jun. 27, 2017
Application notes How delta-sigma ADCs work, Part 1 (Rev. A) Sep. 19, 2016
Technical articles It's in the math: how to convert an ADC code to a voltage (part 2) Apr. 29, 2016
Technical articles DIY your game watching party Jan. 28, 2016
Technical articles DIY with TI: Finding the right mix of gadgetry, barbecue magic Jul. 14, 2015
More literature Best of Baker's Best: Precision Data Converters -- Delta-Sigma ADCs Mar. 19, 2015
Technical articles DIY with TI: For game day, cooking up chicken wings like no other Jan. 27, 2015
Software 430BOOST-ADS1118 Firmware (Rev. A) Aug. 30, 2013
More literature Temperature Sensing Apr. 22, 2013
Application notes How delta-sigma ADCs work, Part 2 Nov. 09, 2011
Application notes Precision Thermocouple Measurement with the ADS1118 Aug. 21, 2011
User guides ADS1118EVM User's Guide Jun. 21, 2011
Software ADS1118EVM Software Jun. 10, 2011
Software ADS1118EVM Source Code Jun. 10, 2011