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14-bit, 65 MSPS, Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC)


Models (2)

Title Category Type Date
ADS414x, ADS412x, ADS58B1x, IBIS MODEL (Rev. A) IBIS Model ZIP 23 Jun 2011
ADS414x, ADS412x, ADS58B1x, IBIS MODEL IBIS Model ZIP 14 Feb 2011

Design kits & evaluation modules (2)

Reference designs

74-dB SNR, 10-MSPS, 14-Bit, Analog Front-End Reference Design for Thermal Imaging Cameras

This reference design is built keeping an electronic imaging system in mind. Image sensors today force heavy demands on ADCs in terms of: excellent linearity (DNL < 0.5 LSB and INL < 4 LSB), high resolution (12- to 18-bit), high speed (up to 20 MSPS), and high SNR (> 74-dB SNR) to assure (...)

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Software (4)

Name Part# Type
High-speed data converter pro software DATACONVERTERPRO-SW Software Libraries
TIGAR (Texas Instruments Graphical Evaluation of ADC Response Tool) (Rev. B)  (ZIP 3547 KB )    23 Apr 2013  
TIGAR Support Files  (ZIP 262219 KB )    20 Mar 2013  
ADS41xx SPI GUI rev1.6 (Rev. B)  (ZIP 82933 KB )    21 Feb 2011