ADS5400-SP 12-bit, 1.0-GSPS Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) |

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12-bit, 1.0-GSPS Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC)

12-bit, 1.0-GSPS Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) - ADS5400-SP

Special note

To order the Harsh Environment Engineering Model (EM) Unit for ADS5400-SP, please click here . In addition, ADS5400EVM can be used to evaluate the functionality of the ADS5400-SP.


The ADS5400 is a 12-bit, 1-GSPS analog-to-digital converter (ADC) that operates from both a 5-V supply and 3.3-V supply, while providing LVDS-compatible digital outputs. The analog input buffer isolates the internal switching of the track and hold from disturbing the signal source. The simple 3-stage pipeline provides extremely low latency for time critical applications. Designed for the conversion of signals up to 2 GHz of input frequency at 1 GSPS, the ADS5400 has outstanding low noise performance and spurious-free dynamic range over a large input frequency range.

The ADS5400 is available in a 100-Pin Ceramic Nonconductive Tie-Bar Package. The combination of the ceramic package and moderate power consumption of the ADS5400 allows for operation without an external heatsink. The ADS5400 is built on Texas Instrument’s complementary bipolar process (BiCom3) and is specified over the full military temperature range (–55°C to 125°C Tcase).


  • 1-GSPS Sample Rate
  • 12-Bit Resolution
  • 2.1 GHz Input Bandwidth
  • SFDR = 65 dBc at 1.2 GHz
  • SNR = 57 dBFS at 1.2 GHZ
  • 7 Clock Cycle Latency
  • Interleave Friendly: Internal Adjustments for Gain,
    Phase and Offset
  • 1.5 — 2 VPP Differential Input
    Voltage, Programmable
  • LVDS-Compatible Outputs, 1 or 2 Bus Options
  • Total Power Dissipation: 2.2 W
  • On-Chip Analog Buffer
  • 100-Pin Ceramic Nonconductive Tie-Bar Package
  • Military Temperature Range
    (–55°C to 125°C Tcase)
  • Processed Per Internal QML Class V Assembly/Test Flow
  • QML Class V Qualified, SMD 5962-09240
    • Test and Measurement Instrumentation
    • Ultra-Wide Band Software-Defined Radio
    • Data Acquisition
    • Power Amplifier Linearization
    • Signal Intelligence and Jamming
    • Radar
    • Engineering Evaluation (/EM) Samples are Available(1)
  • (1) These units are intended for engineering evaluation only. They are processed to a non-compliant flow (e.g. no burn-in, etc.) and are tested to temperature rating of 25°C only. These units are not suitable for qualification, production, radiation testing or flight use. Parts are not warranted for performance on full MIL specified temperature range of –55°C to 125°C or operating life.


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    Part number Order Sample rate (Max) (MSPS) Features Resolution (Bits) Number of input channels SNR (dB) ENOB (Bits) SFDR (dB) Power consumption (Typ) (mW) Input range (Vp-p) Interface Operating temperature range (C) Analog input BW (MHz) Input buffer Package Group Package size: mm2:W x L (PKG) Rating Architecture
    ADS5400-SP Order now 1000     Ultra High Speed     12     1     58.5     9.55     77.9     2200     2     Parallel LVDS     -55 to 125     2150     Yes     CFP | 100     100CFP: 363 mm2: 19.05 x 19.05 (CFP | 100)     Space     Pipeline    
    ADS5424-SP Samples not available 105     High Performance     14     1     72.4     11.7     82.6     1900     2.2     Parallel CMOS     -55 to 125     570     No     CFP | 52     52CFP: 195 mm2: 13.97 x 13.97 (CFP | 52)     Space     Pipeline    
    ADS5444-SP Samples not available 250     High Performance     13     1     69.1     11.3     84     2250     2.2     Parallel LVDS     -55 to 125     500     Yes     CFP | 84     84CFP: 363 mm2: 19.05 x 19.05 (CFP | 84)     Space     Pipeline    
    ADS5474-SP Samples not available 400     High Performance     14     1     70.5     10.9     99     2500     2.2     Parallel LVDS     -55 to 125
    25 to 25    
    1440     Yes     CFP | 84     84CFP: 363 mm2: 19.05 x 19.05 (CFP | 84)     Space     Pipeline