14-Bit, 125-MSPS Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC)- Enhanced Product

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* Datasheet ADS5500-EP datasheet (Rev. C) Sep. 02, 2008
VID ADS5500-EP VID V6205613 Jun. 21, 2016
Radiation & Reliability reports ADS5500MPAPEP Reliability Report Dec. 18, 2015
Radiation & Reliability reports ADS5500MPAPREP Reliability Report Aug. 25, 2011
Application notes Driving High-Speed ADCs: Circuit Topologies and System-Level Parameters (Rev. A) Sep. 10, 2010
Application notes Smart Selection of ADC/DAC Enables Better Design of Software-Defined Radio Apr. 28, 2009
Application notes CDCE72010 as a Clocking Solution for High-Speed Analog-to-Digital Converters Jun. 08, 2008
Application notes Phase Noise Performance and Jitter Cleaning Ability of CDCE72010 Jun. 02, 2008
User guides ADS5500/5541/5542/5520/5521/5522 14- and 12-Bit Single Channel ADC EVM (Rev. C) Sep. 27, 2005
Application notes 14-Bit, 125-MSPS ADS5500 Evaluation Jan. 18, 2005
Application notes Clocking High-Speed Data Converters Jan. 18, 2005
Design files TSW1000 EVM Bill of Materials Jul. 19, 2004
Software TSW1000 EVM Gerber Files Jul. 19, 2004
Application notes Implementing a CDC7005 Low Jitter Clock Solution for HIgh Speed High IF ADC Dev Jun. 25, 2004
More literature ADS5500 + CDC7005 Product Bulletin Jun. 23, 2004
Application notes ADS5500, OPA695: PC Board Layout for Low Distortion High-Speed ADC Drivers Apr. 22, 2004
More literature Analogue-to-Digital Converters Support Multicarrier Systems Mar. 02, 2004