AFE7071 Integrated Dual 14-bit 65MSPS DAC and RF IQ Modulator |


Integrated Dual 14-bit 65MSPS DAC and RF IQ Modulator


Special Note

The AFE7071 integrates a dual digital-to-analog converter (DAC), tunable baseband filters, IQ modulator and digital quadrature modulation correction circuit. The AFE7070 adds a direct digital synthesizer (DDS) with 32-bit numerically controlled oscillator (NCO) and LVDS output buffer.


The AFE7071 is a dual 14-bit 65-MSPS digital-to-analog converter (DAC) with integrated, programmable fourth-order baseband filter and analog quadrature modulator. The AFE7071 includes additional digital signal-processing features such as a quadrature modulator correction circuit, providing LO and sideband suppression capability. The AFE7071 has an interleaved 14-bit 1.8-V to 3.3-V CMOS input. The AFE7071 provides 20 MHz of RF signal bandwidth with an RF output frequency range of 100 MHz to 2.7 GHz.

The AFE7071 package is a 7-mm × 7mm 48-pin QFN package. The AFE7071 is specified over the full industrial temperature range (–40°C to 85°C).


  • Maximum Sample Rate: 65 MSPS
  • Low Power: 334 mW
  • Interleaved CMOS Input, 1.8–3.3 V IOVDD
  • Input FIFO for Independent Data and DAC Clocks
  • 3- or 4-pin SPI Interface for Register Programming
  • Quadrature Modulator Correction: Gain, Phase, Offset for Sideband and LO Suppression
  • Analog Baseband Filter With Programmable Bandwidth: 20-MHz Maximum RF Bandwidth
  • RF Frequency Range: 100 MHz to 2.7 GHz
  • Package: 48-Pin QFN (7-mm × 7-mm)

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Resolution (Bits)
Sample / Update Rate (MSPS)
DACs (#)
Power consumption (Typ) (mW)
Operating temperature range (C)
Package Group
Package size: mm2:W x L (PKG)
AFE7071 AFE7070
14     14    
65     65    
2     2    
1x     1x    
Single-ended     Differential
335     335    
-40 to 85     -40 to 85    
VQFN | 48     VQFN | 48    
48VQFN: 49 mm2: 7 x 7 (VQFN | 48)     48VQFN: 49 mm2: 7 x 7 (VQFN | 48)