This product is prototype/experimental and has not been released to the market. Testing and final processes may not be complete. This product may be subject to further changes or possible discontinuation.
Sitara processor


Design kits & evaluation modules (6)

Name Part# Type Sitara SOMs JN-3P-SITARASOMS Design Kits & Evaluation Modules
AM572x Industrial Development Kit(IDK) TMDSIDK572 Evaluation Modules & Boards
AM574x Industrial Development Kit (IDK) TMDSIDK574 Evaluation Modules & Boards
AM57x IDK LCD Kit TMDXIDK57X-LCD Evaluation Modules & Boards
BeagleBone® AI AM5729 development board for embedded Artificial Intelligence BEAGLE-3P-BBONE-AI Evaluation Modules & Boards
PHYTEC phyCORE-AM57x system on module PHYTC-3P-PHYCORE-AM57X Evaluation Modules & Boards

Software (2)

Name Part# Type
QNX Neutrino RTOS QNX-3P-NEUTRINO-RTOS Software & Tools
Processor SDK for AM57x Sitara Processors - Linux, TI-RTOS and Android Support PROCESSOR-SDK-AM57X Software Development Kits (SDK)

Development tools (1)