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SBS 1.1 compliant Gas Gauge with Impedance Track™ Technology


Software (4)

Name Part# Type
Gauging Parameter Calculator: Match chemistry for Impedance Track gauges GPCCHEM Application Software & Frameworks
Gauging Parameter Calculator: Optimize room temperature performance for Impedance Track gauges GPCRA0 Application Software & Frameworks
Gas Gauge Chemistry Updater Setup v7.47 (Rev. HR)  (ZIP 466712 KB )    26 Nov 2019  
Mathcad Chemistry Selection Tool (Rev. DJ)  (ZIP 6840 KB )    14 Jul 2015  

Development tools (1)

Name Part# Type
BQ20Z60-R1 bqEASY Software BQ20Z60-R1_BQEVSW-SW Circuit Design & Simulation