BQ24133 (ACTIVE) Synchronous Switch-Mode Li-Ion and Li-Polymer Stand-Alone Battery Charger


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Reference designs

Audio Boom Box/Portable Speaker Reference Design with Efficient Boost Converter.

PMP9491 is a 30W highly efficient and compact Portable Speaker/Audio Boom Box reference Design which can be used in 15W +15W Stereo or 30W Woofer Applications. The Power Source for the Design is 1 or 2 Li ion in Series . The design is broadly divided into three main stages:

  1. Highly efficient (...)

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Software (2)

bqswitcherII calculation tools V1.2 (Rev. A)  (ZIP 895 KB )    26 Aug 2011  
HPA715 Gerber Files  (ZIP 267 KB )    21 Dec 2010