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Single Cell Li-Ion Battery Fuel Gauge for Battery Pack Integration


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Reference designs

Energy Harvesting Reference Design Solution for Ultra Low Power Boost Converter IC

This reference design is an ultra low power boost converter for energy harvesting Applications. This solution is programmed from the factory for settings compatible with most MCU’s and 3V coin cell batteries. The design is programmed to deliver a 3.1VDC maximum voltage (OV) for charging the (...)

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Software (5)

Gas Gauge Chemistry Updater Setup v7.36 (Rev. HO)  (ZIP 452457 KB )    07 Oct 2019  
Mathcad Chemistry Selection Tool (Rev. DJ)  (ZIP 6840 KB )    14 Jul 2015  
bqEVSW installer for all bq275xx devices (Rev. C)  (ZIP 63861 KB )    05 Mar 2013  
bq27541-G1 (v2.24) Firmware (.senc file) (Rev. A)  (ZIP 47 KB )    07 Nov 2012  
bq27541 v2.00 SENC File  (ZIP 46 KB )    11 Mar 2010