BQ3060 SBS 1.1-Compliant Gas Gauge and Protector |

BQ3060 (NRND)

SBS 1.1-Compliant Gas Gauge and Protector



The Texas Instruments bq3060 Battery Manager is a fully integrated, single-chip, pack-based solution that provides a rich array of features for gas gauging, protection, and authentication for 2, 3, or 4 series cell Li-Ion battery packs. With a footprint of merely 7.8 mm × 6.4 mm in a compact 24-pin TSSOP package, the bq3060 maximizes functionality and safety while dramatically cutting the solution cost and size for smart batteries.

Using its integrated high-performance analog peripherals, the bq3060 measures and maintains an accurate record of available capacity, voltage, current, temperature, and other critical parameters in Li-Ion or Li-Polymer batteries, and reports the information to the system host controller over an SMBus 1.1-compatible interface.

The bq3060 provides software-first level and second level safety protection on overvoltage, undervoltage, overtemperature, and overcharge, as well as hardware-overcurrent in discharge, short circuit in charge, and discharge protection.


  • Advanced CEDV (Compensated End-of-Discharge Voltage) Gauging
  • Fully Integrated 2, 3, and 4 Series Li-Ion or Li-Polymer Cell Battery Pack Manager
  • 8-Bit RISC CPU With Ultra-Low Power Modes
  • Full Array of Programmable Protection Features
    • Voltage, Current, and Temperature
  • SHA-1 Authentication
  • Flexible Memory Architecture With Integrated Flash Memory
  • Supports Two-Wire SMBus v1.1 Interface With High-speed 400kHz Programming Option
  • P-CH High Side Protection FET Drive
  • Low Power Consumption Sleep Mode: < 69 µA
  • High-Accuracy Analog Front End With Two Independent ADCs
    • High-Resolution, 15~22-bit Integrator for Coulomb Counting
    • 16-Bit Delta-Sigma ADC With a 16-Channel Multiplexer for Voltage, Current, and Temperature
  • Ultra Compact Package: 24-Pin TSSOP PW

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