BQ51013A Integrated Wireless Power Receiver Solution, Qi (Wireless Power Consortium) Compliant |

BQ51013A (ACTIVE) Integrated Wireless Power Receiver Solution, Qi (Wireless Power Consortium) Compliant



The bq5101x is an advanced, integrated, receiver IC for wireless power transfer in portable applications. The device provides the AC/DC power conversion while integrating the digital control required to comply with the Qi v1.0 communication protocol. Together with the bq500210 transmitter controller, the bq5101x enables a complete contact-less power transfer system for a wireless power supply solution. By using near-field inductive power transfer, the receiver coil embedded in the portable device receives the power transmitted by the transmitter coil via mutually coupled inductors. The AC signal from the receiver coil is then rectified and regulated to be used as a power supply for down-system electronics. Global feedback is established from the secondary to the transmitter in order to stabilize the power transfer process via back-scatter modulation. This feedback is established by using the Qi v1.0 communication protocol supporting up to 5 W applications.

The device integrates a low-impedance full synchronous rectifier, low-dropout regulator, digital control, and accurate voltage and current loops. The entire power stage (rectifier and LDO) use low resistive NMOS FET’s to ensures high efficiency and low power dissipation.


  • Integrated Wireless Power Receiver Solution with a 5V Regulated Supply
    • 93% Overall Peak AC-DC Efficiency
    • Full Synchronous Rectifier
    • WPC v1.0 Compliant Communication Control
    • Output Voltage Conditioning
    • Only IC Required Between RX coil and 5V DC Output
  • Dynamic Rectifier Control for Improved Load Transient Response
  • Dynamic Efficiency Scaling for Optimized Performance Over any Range of
    Output Power
  • Adaptive Communication Limit for Robust Communication During High
    Levels of Load Current Noise
  • Supports 20-V Maximum Input
  • Low-power Dissipative Rectifier Overvoltage Clamp
    (VOVP = 15V)
  • Thermal Shutdown
  • Multifunction NTC and Control Pin for Temperature Monitoring, Done
    Charging and Fault Host Control
  • Stand-alone Digital Controller
  • Programmable Termination Pin for Charge Status 100% (CS100) Support
  • 1.9 × 3mm DSBG or 4.5 × 3.5mm QFN Package