BQ51025 bq51025 10-W WPC Compliant Single Chip Wireless Power Receiver |

BQ51025 (NRND) bq51025 10-W WPC Compliant Single Chip Wireless Power Receiver



The bq51025 device is a fully-contained wireless power receiver capable of operating in the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Qi protocol, which allows a wireless power system to deliver 5 W to the system with Qi inductive transmitters and up to 10 W when operating with the bq500215 primary-side controller. The bq51025 device provides a single device power conversion (rectification and regulation) as well as the digital control and communication as per WPC v1.2 specification. With market-leading 84% system efficiency and adjustable output voltage, the bq51025 device allows for unparalleled system optimization. With a maximum output voltage of 10 V, the bq51025 offers a flexible solution that offers a wireless power solution for 2S battery application and allows optimal thermal performance of the system. The I2C interface allows system designers to implement new features such as aligning a receiver on the transmitter surface or detecting foreign objects on the receiver. The bq51025 device complies with the WPC v1.2 communication protocol making it compatible with all WPC transmitter solutions. The receiver allows for synchronous rectification, regulation and control, and communication to all exist in a market-leading form factor, efficiency, and solution size.


  • Robust 10-W Receiver Solution Using Proprietary Protocol With TI’s 10-W bq500215 Transmitter
    • Post-Regulation LDO to Protect External Charger Input from Rectifier Output Transients; Inductorless Solution for Lowest Height
    • Adjustable Output Voltage (4.5 to 10 V) for Coil and Thermal Optimization
    • Supports 2S Battery Configuration (Non-WPC compliant)
    • Fully Synchronous Rectifier With 96% Efficiency
    • 97% Efficient Post Regulator
    • 84% System Efficiency at 10 W
  • WPC v1.2 Compliant Communication and Control for Compatibility With Current TX Solutions
  • Patented Transmitter Pad Detect Function Improves User Experience
  • Power Signal Frequency Measurement Allows Host to Determine Optimal Placement on TX Surface
  • I2C Communication With Host

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