CC1110-CC1111 Sub-1 GHz wireless MCU with up to 32 kB flash memory |

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Sub-1 GHz wireless MCU with up to 32 kB flash memory



The CC1110Fx, CC1111Fx is a true low-power sub- 1 GHz system-on-chip (SoC) designed for low power wireless applications. The CC1110Fx, CC1111Fx combines the excellent performance of the state-of-the-art RF transceiver CC1101 with an industry-standard enhanced 8051 MCU, up to 32 kB of in-system programmable flash memory and up to 4 kB of RAM, and many other powerful features. The small 6x6 mm package makes it very suited for applications with size limitations.

The CC1110Fx, CC1111Fx is highly suited for systems where very low power consumption is required. This is ensured by several advanced low-power operating modes. The CC1111Fx adds a full-speed USB 2.0 interface to the feature set of the CC1110Fx. Interfacing to a PC using the USB interface is quick and easy, and the high data rate (12 Mbps) of the USB interface avoids the bottlenecks of RS-232 or low-speed USB interfaces.


  • Radio
    • High-performance RF transceiver based on the
      market-leading CC1101
    • Excellent receiver selectivity and blocking
    • High sensitivity (–110 dBm at 1.2 kBaud)
    • Programmable data rate up to 500 kBaud
    • Programmable output power up to 10 dBm
      for all supported frequencies
    • Frequency range: 300 – 348 MHz, 391 – 464 MHz
      and 782 – 928 MHz
    • Digital RSSI / LQI support
  • Low Power
    • Low current consumption (RX: 16.2 mA at 1.2 kBaud, TX: 15.2
      mA at −6 dBm output power)
    • 0.3 µA in PM3 (the operating mode with the lowest
      power consumption)
    • 0.5 µA in PM2 (operating mode with the second lowest power
      consumption, timer or external interrupt wakeup)
    • RoHS Compliant 6 mm × 6 mm QFN-40 Package
  • MCU, Memory, and Peripherals
    • High performance and low power 8051 microcontroller
    • Powerful DMA functionality
    • 8/16/32 KB in-system programmable flash, and 1, 2, 4 KB RAM
    • Full-Speed USB Controller with 1 KB FIFO (CC1111Fx)
    • 128-bit AES security coprocessor
    • 7 – 12 bit ADC with up to eight inputs
    • I2S interface
    • Two USARTs
    • 16-bit timer with DSM mode
    • Three 8-bit timers
    • Hardware debug support
    • 21 (CC1110Fx) or 19 (CC1111Fx) GPIO pins
    • SW compatible with CC2510Fx, CC2511Fx
  • General
    • Wide supply voltage range (2.0V – 3.6V)
    • RoHS compliant 6×6 mm QFN 36 package


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