Zigbee and IEEE 802.15.4 wireless MCU with up to 256kB Flash and 8kB RAM

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* Datasheet CC2531 System-on-Chip Solution for IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee Applications datasheet (Rev. A) Jun. 28, 2010
* Errata CC2531 Errata Note Sep. 30, 2009
* User guides CC253x/4x User's Guide (Rev. D) Mar. 27, 2013
Technical articles Innovate, accelerate and connect across frequency bands and protocols with the SimpleLink™ MCU platform Nov. 06, 2019
Application notes What's New in Zigbee 3.0 (Rev. A) Jun. 06, 2019
Selection guides Zigbee® Selection Guide for SimpleLink MCUs (Rev. F) Feb. 21, 2019
Technical articles The “key” to security: Zigbee 3.0’s security features Feb. 05, 2019
Technical articles Unlock every door with the SimpleLink™ platform Sep. 19, 2018
Technical articles VIDEO: This is Connect! Check out TI's newest video series with hands-on demos, SimpleLink™ tech and much more... Aug. 03, 2018
Application notes Debugging Communication Range Mar. 27, 2018
User guides RemoTI 1.4.0 Resource Guide Oct. 01, 2015
Application notes RemoTI™ Capacitive Touch Sensing (Rev. B) Dec. 16, 2014
User guides CC253x/4x User's Guide (Rev. F) Apr. 09, 2014
Application notes AN084 - RemoTI SimpleConsole Application (Rev. C) Mar. 12, 2013
Application notes DN035 -- Antenna Quick Guide (Rev. A) Feb. 12, 2013
Application notes DN041 -- Using CC253X or CC254X with Dipole PCB Antenna Jan. 24, 2013
Application notes AN081 -- Johanson Technology Balun Optimized for CC253X, CC254X, CC257X, CC853X (Rev. B) Nov. 06, 2012
Application notes AN118 -- Flash programming of CC253x/4x devices Sep. 05, 2012
Application notes AN111 - Using RF6505 Front End Module with CC2530 under FCC 15.247 Nov. 18, 2011
Application notes AN107 - Murata Balun for CC253x and CC254x, LFB182G45BG2D280 (Rev. A) Oct. 26, 2011
Application notes DN037 -- Measurement Results for Combined CC2530 and CC2590 Solution Jul. 28, 2011
Design files STB Front Panel Schematic and PCB May 26, 2011
Application notes DN034 -- YAGI 2.4 GHz PCB Antenna Oct. 14, 2010
Application notes AN058 -- Antenna Selection Guide (Rev. B) Oct. 06, 2010
More literature ZigBee RF4CE Tilting Mouse [WMV] Sep. 01, 2010
Application notes DN031 -- CC-Antenna-DK Documentation and Antenna Measurements Summary Aug. 26, 2010
Application notes AN086 -- Using CC2591 Front End with CC2530 and CC2531 (Rev. A) Dec. 16, 2009
Software CC USB Firmware Library and Examples (Rev. C) Dec. 01, 2009
Design files CC2530-CC2591EM Reference Design Nov. 18, 2009
User guides RemoTI Basic Remote Developer’s Guide (Rev. A) Sep. 24, 2009
User guides RemoTI HID Dongle Developer’s Guide Sep. 24, 2009
User guides RemoTI Network Processor Developer’s Guide (Rev. A) Sep. 24, 2009
Application notes DN117 -- SimpliciTI-compatible UART Driver Sep. 22, 2009
More literature CC2530 range testing videocast [WMV] Aug. 14, 2009
Application notes DN112 -- Using UART in CC111xFx CC243x CC251xFx and CC253xFx (Rev. B) Aug. 11, 2009
Application notes DN113 CC111xFx CC243xFx CC251xFx CC253xFx SPI Interface (Rev. A) Aug. 11, 2009
Application notes DN116 -- Clearing Module Interrupt Flags in LPW SoC Devices Aug. 03, 2009
User guides CC2531 USB Hardware User's Guide (Rev. A) Jul. 31, 2009
Application notes CC2530 FAQ (Rev. A) Jul. 12, 2009
User guides CC USB Software Examples User's Guide May 11, 2009
More literature CC2530 System-on-Chip Video [WMV] May 06, 2009
Application notes Migrating From CC2430 to CC2530 Apr. 29, 2009