CC2538 (ACTIVE) A Powerful System-On-Chip for 2.4-GHz IEEE 802.15.4-2006 and ZigBee Applications


Design kits & evaluation modules (5)

Name Part# Type
CC2531 USB Evaluation Module Kit CC2531EMK Daughter Cards
CC2538 Evaluation Module Kit CC2538EMK Daughter Cards
CC2538-CC2592 Evaluation Module Kit CC2538-CC2592EMK Daughter Cards
CC2538 Development Kit CC2538DK Development Kits
SmartRF06 Evaluation Board SMARTRF06EBK Evaluation Modules & Boards

Reference designs

Reference Design for Voltage, Current & Temp Monitoring for Solar Module Level Power Electronics

The TIDA-00640 verified reference design provides an overview on how to implement a solar module level monitoring and communication sub-system. This design addresses the key need of a highly cost optimized monitoring and communication sub-system for solar Module Level Power Electronics (MLPE). This (...)

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Description Part Number Company Tool Type
CC2538-CC2592EM Reference Design CC2538-CC2592EM-RD Texas Instruments Reference designs
Standalone 2.4GHz Range Extender Reference Design CC2592EMK-RD Texas Instruments Reference designs

Software (5)

Name Part# Type
A fully compliant ZigBee 3.x solution: Z-Stack Z-STACK Software Libraries
Archive for Z-Stack Fully Compliant ZigBee 2012 Solution Z-STACK-ARCHIVE Software Libraries
CC2538 Foundation Firmware CC2538-SW Software Libraries
IEEE802.15.4 Medium Access control (MAC) software stack TIMAC Software Libraries
CC2538 PER Test (v1.1.0) (Rev. A)  (ZIP 653 KB )    18 Mar 2014  

Development tools (5)

Name Part# Type
SmartRF Protocol Packet Sniffer PACKET-SNIFFER Calculation Tools
SmartRF Studio SMARTRFTM-STUDIO Calculation Tools
XDS200 USB Debug Probe TMDSEMU200-U Debug Probes/Analyzers
SmartRF Flash Programmer FLASH-PROGRAMMER Flash Programming Tools
Code Composer Studio™ integrated development environment (IDE) for wireless connectivity CCSTUDIO-WCS SW Development Tools, IDEs, Compilers