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Automotive qualified SimpleLink Bluetooth low energy wireless MCU


Design kits & evaluation modules (2)

Name Part# Type
CC2541 Evaluation Module Kit CC2541EMK Daughter Cards
CC2541 Mini Development Kit CC2541DK-MINI Development Kits

Reference designs

CC2541 Keyfob Reference Design

The Bluetooth Smart Keyfob is a small-form factor, coin-cell powered mobile accessory with buttons, buzzer, LEDs and accelerometer, demonstrating the use of several of the BLE GATT service profiles, like the  proximity and battery service profiles.

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Software (10)

Name Part# Type
Bluetooth Low Energy software stack BLE-STACK Software Libraries
Bluetooth Power Calculator (Rev. B)  (ZIP 560 KB )    03 Oct 2019  
BLE Device Monitor (v2.9.0) (Rev. Q)  (ZIP 34446 KB )    23 Apr 2018  
CC2541 Postage Stamp Reference Design Layout Files (Rev. A)  (PDF 85 KB )    14 Oct 2013  
CC2541 Postage Stamp Reference Design Design Files (Rev. A)  (ZIP 338 KB )    14 Oct 2013  
CC254x Proprietary Mode Packet Error Rate Test (Rev. B)  (ZIP 232 KB )    30 Apr 2013  
CC2541 Advanced Remote Control Reference Design 2.1.0  (ZIP 1357 KB )    26 Apr 2013  
CC2541 SensorTag Reference Design 1.4 (Rev. B)  (ZIP 1396 KB )    17 Apr 2013  
CC2541Keyfob Reference Design 1.4.0  (ZIP 1039 KB )    28 Jan 2013  
CC2541/43/44/45 Peripherals Software Examples  (ZIP 763 KB )    24 Oct 2012  

Development tools (3)

Name Part# Type
SmartRF Protocol Packet Sniffer PACKET-SNIFFER Calculation Tools
SmartRF Studio SMARTRFTM-STUDIO Calculation Tools
Debugger and Programmer for RF System-on-Chips CC-DEBUGGER Debug Probes/Analyzers