CC2571 8-channel ANT™ RF Network Processors |

This product has been released to the market and is available for purchase. For some products, newer alternatives may be available.
8-channel ANT™ RF Network Processors


ANT Wireless Development Tools

The ANTC7EK1 Evaluation Kit from ANT Wireless contains everything needed to quickly explore and develop with the CC257x, including the Integrated ANT-FS feature. The evaluation kit and other development tools can be found at

ANT Wireless is a division of Dynastream Innovations Inc.


The CC2570 and CC2571 are ANT RF network processors that implement the easy-to-use, power-efficient ANT protocol. The CC2570 supports one ANT channel, whereas the CC2571 supports eight ANT channels. The CC2570/71 can be connected to a host MCU (such as an MSP430) through a UART or SPI serial interface and accessed through a set of API calls. The majority of the ANT protocol is built into the CC2570/71, including the ANT-FS file system functionality; only the application and profile layers must reside on the host MCU, thus keeping host MCU memory requirements to a minimum.

The ANT protocol has been designed to be very power-efficient, yet is flexible enough to support various network topologies (point-to-point, star, connected star, 1-to-N, and N-to-1) and data transfer modes (broadcast, acknowledged, burst data transfer). Each logical ANT channel can be independently configured for one-way or two-way operation, depending on requirements of the application.


  • RF Section
    • Single-Chip 2.4-GHz Radio, Including Embedded ANT Protocol
    • Excellent Link Budget, Enabling Long Range Without External Front-Ends
    • Excellent Output Power (4 dBm)
    • Suitable for Systems Targeting Compliance With Worldwide Radio Frequency
      Regulations: ETSI EN 300 328 and EN 300 440 Class 2 (Europe), FCC CFR47
      Part 15 (US), and ARIB STD-T66 (Japan)
    • Accurate Full-Range RSSI Function, Especially Suited for Accurate Proximity Pairing
  • Layout
    • Few External Components
    • Reference Designs Available
    • 40-Pin, 6-mm × 6-mm QFN Package
  • Low Power
    • Powered Down With Low-Power Times: 1 µA
    • Powered Down Without Timer: 0.5 µA
    • Wide Supply Voltage Range (2 V–3.6 V)
  • ANT Protocol Support
    • Fully Compatible With the ANT and ANT+™ Protocols and Existing ANT Devices
    • Built-In ANT-FS™ Support
    • Easy Connection to Host MCU Through Asynchronous or Synchronous Serial Interface
    • CC2570 Supports One ANT Channel
    • CC2571 Supports Eight ANT Channels
    • Support for Both Public, Private and Managed ANT Networks
    • Support for High-Resolution Proximity Pairing
    • Sports and Fitness Equipment
    • Health and Medical Equipment
    • Consumer Health Devices
    • Consumer Electronics

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