Automotive qualified SimpleLink Bluetooth® low energy wireless MCU

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* Datasheet CC2640R2F-Q1 SimpleLink™ Bluetooth® low energy Wireless MCU for Automotive datasheet (Rev. A) Aug. 29, 2017
* Errata CC2640R2F-Q1 SimpleLink™ Bluetooth® Low Energy Wireless MCU Silicon Errata (Rev. B) Aug. 24, 2018
* User guides CC13x0, CC26x0 SimpleLink™ Wireless MCU Technical Reference Manual (Rev. H) Aug. 21, 2017
Software Bluetooth Power Calculator (Rev. B) Oct. 03, 2019
Application notes How to Certify Your Bluetooth Product (Rev. C) Sep. 24, 2019
Application notes CC13xx/CC26xx Hardware Configuration and PCB Design Considerations (Rev. C) Sep. 13, 2019
Application notes Crystal Oscillator and Crystal Selection for the CC26xx and CC13xx Wireless MCUs (Rev. G) Aug. 14, 2019
Technical articles Bluetooth® Low Energy shifts gears for car access Jul. 15, 2019
Application notes CC2538/CC26x0/CC26x2 Serial Bootloader Interface (Rev. B) Jun. 24, 2019
Technical articles Adding CAN nodes in Bluetooth® Low Energy PEPS systems Jun. 11, 2019
Application notes Getting Started With the CC13xx and CC26xx Sensor Controller (Rev. A) May 23, 2019
Application notes Bluetooth® Angle of Arrival (AoA) Antenna Design May 06, 2019
Application notes Measuring CC13xx and CC26xx current consumption (Rev. D) Jan. 10, 2019
Application notes Increase RAM Size on the CC2640R2F Bluetooth low energy Wireless MCU (Rev. A) Jul. 26, 2018
Technical articles With smart devices, bigger isn’t always better Jun. 20, 2018
Technical articles An out-of-the-box Internet of Things: building a seamless and secure smart home network Jun. 12, 2018
Application notes Ultra-Low Power Designs With the CC13x2 and CC26x2 Sensor Controller Feb. 27, 2018
White papers Wireless Connectivity For The Internet of Things, One Size Does Not Fit All (Rev. A) Oct. 16, 2017
Application notes CC-Antenna-DK2 and Antenna Measurements Summary (Rev. A) Oct. 02, 2017
White papers Bluetooth® low energy and the automotive transformation Sep. 25, 2017
White papers Enabling Wireless Firmware Update for Bluetooth® low energy Applications Aug. 28, 2017
Application notes Design Considerations for High Temperature Applications Using the CC2640R2F-Q1 Aug. 15, 2017
Application notes Johanson Balun for the CC26xx Device Family Aug. 07, 2017
Design files SimpleLink CC2640R2F-Q1 EVM v1.0.1 Design Files Aug. 01, 2017
White papers IoT provokes change in ultra-low-power MCUs Jul. 19, 2017
More literature SimpleLink™ Bluetooth® low energy CC2640R2 MCU Security (Rev. A) May 26, 2017
White papers RTOS Power Management Emerges as a Key for MCU-based IoT Nodes (Rev. A) May 11, 2017
User guides CC26x0/CC13x0 SimpleLink™ Wireless MCU Power Management Software Development Ref (Rev. A) Apr. 17, 2017
Application notes ETSI EN 300 328 Blocking Test for Bluetooth Low Energy Feb. 08, 2017
Application notes Hardware Migration From CC2640F128 to CC2640R2F Jan. 31, 2017
Design files LAUNCHXL-CC2640R2 Design Files Dec. 09, 2016
Design files SimpleLink CC2650 EVM Kit JohBal (CC2650EM-JohBal) v2.0.0 Design Files Sep. 09, 2016
Application notes Using the Wireless SimpleLink CC26xx in Ext Regulator Mode With the TPS62740 Nov. 19, 2015
Application notes CC2640 Wireless MCU DC Supply Evaluation Oct. 05, 2015
Application notes Using GCC/GDB With SimpleLink CC26xx Feb. 23, 2015