SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ dual-band wireless module solution

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* Datasheet CC3235MODx and CC3235MODAx SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ Dual-Band Wireless MCU Modules datasheet Feb. 11, 2020
User guides CC3x35 Hardware Design Checklist (Rev. A) Feb. 17, 2020
User guides UniFlash CC3x20, CC3x3 SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® and IoC™ Solution ImageCreator and Pro (Rev. G) Feb. 11, 2020
User guides CC3235MODSF LaunchPad Development Kit (LAUNCHCC3235MOD) User’s Guide (Rev. B) Feb. 11, 2020
Application notes Module Reliability for CC2xxxMODx, CC3xxxMODx, CC3xxxMODAx, and WL18xxMOD (Rev. A) Feb. 06, 2020
Application notes Using Serial Flash on CC3135 and CC3235x SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® and IoT Devices (Rev. A) Feb. 03, 2020
Application notes Transfer of TI Wi-Fi® Alliance Certifications to Products Using WFA Cert Policy (Rev. F) Jan. 30, 2020
Selection guides Wireless Connectivity Technology Selection Guide Dec. 17, 2019
Application notes CC3x20, CC3x35 SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® IoC Solution Device Provisioning (Rev. B) Dec. 12, 2019
User guides CC3x20, CC3x35 SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® and Internet of Things Network Processor (Rev. I) Sep. 16, 2019
Application notes Wi-Fi® Enabled Electronic Smart Lock Security Application Brief Sep. 12, 2019
Technical articles VIDEO: Wi-Fi security challenges and FIPS Validation Sep. 04, 2019
More literature Enabling secure remote patient monitoring with SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® wireless MCUs Aug. 30, 2019
More literature CC3235MODSF12MOB EC Declaration of Conformity (DoC) Jul. 30, 2019
Application notes FIPS Compliant vs. FIPS Validated (Rev. A) Jun. 26, 2019
User guides SimpleLink™ WiFi Certificates Handling (Rev. A) Jun. 26, 2019
More literature CC3235MODSF Reliability Data – Reliability Estimate Jun. 25, 2019
White papers Low-Power Internet Connectivity Over Wi-Fi (Rev. A) May 23, 2019
User guides SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® CC3x20 and CC3x35 Provisioning for Mobile Applications (Rev. A) Apr. 16, 2019
Technical articles Use validated security with FIPS 140-2 on SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® devices Mar. 13, 2019
Technical articles Top 3 design challenges that the new generation of SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® devices will help you overcome Feb. 21, 2019
Application notes CC3235MOD LaunchPad hardware design files Feb. 08, 2019
White papers A primer to Wi-Fi® provisioning for IoT applications (Rev. A) Jan. 31, 2019
Technical articles Amazon Web Services and TI team up to provide an end-to-end OTA solution for IoT devices Jan. 11, 2019
Application notes CC3235MOD Production Line Guide Dec. 12, 2018
User guides Vendor Device Authentication With SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® Devices (Rev. A) Nov. 29, 2018
Application notes CC3135, CC3235x SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® Internet-on-a Chip™ Solution–BLE Coexistence Apr. 09, 2018
Application notes CC313x and CC323x Simplelink™ Wi-Fi® Embedded Programming User's Guide Mar. 21, 2018
User guides CC3235x SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® and Internet of Things TRM Mar. 20, 2018
Application notes CC3135, CC3235x SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® IoC™ Networking Subsystem Power Management Jan. 24, 2018
User guides CC3x20, CC3x35 SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® and IoC™ Solution Radio Tool (Rev. A) May 01, 2017
Application notes CC3x20/CC3x35 SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® and IoT OTA Update Application Report (Rev. A) Feb. 24, 2017
Application notes CC3x20, CC3x35 SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® Internet-on-a chip™ Solution Built-In Security (Rev. B) Feb. 13, 2017