CDCE813-Q1 Programmable 1-PLL Clock Synthesizer and Jitter Cleaner With 2.5-V and 3.3-V Outputs |

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Programmable 1-PLL Clock Synthesizer and Jitter Cleaner With 2.5-V and 3.3-V Outputs



The CDCE813-Q1 device is a modular Phase-locked-loop-based (PLL), low-cost, high-performance, programmable clock synthesizers. They generate up to three output clocks from a single input frequency. Each output can be programmed in-system for any clock frequency up to 230 MHz, using the integrated configurable PLL.

The CDCE813-Q1 has separate output supply pins, VDDOUT, providing 2.5 V to 3.3 V.

The input accepts an external crystal or LVCMOS clock signal. A selectable on-chip VCXO allows synchronization of the output frequency to an external control signal.

The PLL supports SSC (spread-spectrum clocking) for better electromagnetic interference (EMI) performance.

The device supports nonvolatile EEPROM programming for easy customization of the device to the application. All device settings are programmable through the I2C bus, a 2-wire serial interface.

The CDCE813-Q1 operates in a 1.8-V core environment as well as eliminating the need for additional, independent XTAL oscillators which reduces component count and board size. It operates in a temperature range of –40°C to 105°C.


  • Qualified for automotive applications
  • AEC-Q100 qualified with the following results:
    • Device temperature grade 2: –40°C to 105°C ambient operating temperature range
    • Device HBM ESD classification level H2
    • Device CDM ESD classification level C6
  • In-system programmability and EEPROM
    • Serial programmable volatile register
    • Nonvolatile EEPROM to store customer settings
  • Flexible input clocking concept
    • External crystal: 8 MHz to 32 MHz
    • Single-ended LVCMOS up to 160 MHz
  • Free selectable output frequency up to 230  MHz
  • Low-noise PLL core
    • PLL loop filter components integrated
    • Low period jitter (typical 50 ps)
  • 1.8-V device power supply (core voltage)
  • Separate output supply pins: 3.3 V and 2.5 V
  • Flexible clock driver
    • Three user-definable control inputs [S0, S1, S2], for example, SSC selection, frequency switching, output enable, or power down
    • Generates highly accurate clocks for video, audio, USB, IEEE1394, RFID, Bluetooth®, WLAN, Ethernet, and GPS
    • Generates common clock frequencies used with TI-DaVinci™, OMAP™, DSPs
    • Programmable SSC modulation
    • Enables 0-PPM clock generation
  • Packaged in TSSOP
  • Development and programming kit for easy PLL design and programming (TI ClockPro™ programming software)

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Part number Order Function Number of outputs Output frequency (Min) (MHz) Output frequency (Max) (MHz) Supply voltage (Min) (V) Supply voltage (Max) (V) Input type Output type Features Rating Operating temperature range (C) Package Group Package size: mm2:W x L (PKG) Number of Inputs
CDCE813-Q1 Order now Single-loop PLL     3     0.07     230     1.7     3.6     LVCMOS (REF_CLK)     LVCMOS     Integrated EEPROM     Automotive     -40 to 105     TSSOP | 14     14TSSOP: 32 mm2: 6.4 x 5 (TSSOP | 14)     1