CSD19533Q5A (ACTIVE) 100V, N ch NexFET MOSFET™, single SON5x6, 9.5mOhm


Models (3)

Title Category Type Date
CSD19533Q5A TINA-TI Spice Model TINA-TI Spice Model ZIP 26 Jan 2018
CSD19533Q5A TINA-TI Reference Design TINA-TI Reference Design TSC 26 Jan 2018
CSD19533Q5A PSpice Model PSpice Model ZIP 17 Jan 2014

Reference designs

94% Peak efficiency, 150W norm, 240W peak industrial AC/DC power supply with CC/CV reference design

This compact, high efficiency, 24V DC, 150W nominal, 240W peak output at 230VAC reference design is targeted for industrial AC/DC power supplies. The circuit consists of a frontend transition mode (TrM) power factor correction(PFC) circuit based on the UCC28056, followed by a robust LLC stage for an (...)

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Software (1)

Excel FET Loss Estimator  (ZIP 66 KB )    02 Jun 2011  

Development tools (1)

Name Part# Type
Buck Converter NexFET™ Selection Tool FETPWRCALC Calculation Tools