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30-V Dual N-Channel NexFET™ Power MOSFETs

30-V Dual N-Channel NexFET™ Power MOSFETs - CSD87313DMS


The CSD87313DMS is a 30-V common drain, dual N-channel device designed for USB Type-C/PD and battery protection. This SON 3.3-mm × 3.3-mm device has low-source-to-source on resistance that minimizes losses and offers low-component count for space constrained applications.


  • Low-Source-to-Source On Resistance
  • Dual Common Drain N-Channel MOSFETs
  • Optimized for 5-V Gate Drive
  • Low Qg and Qgd
  • Low-Thermal Resistance
  • Avalanche Rated
  • Lead-Free Terminal Plating
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Halogen Free
  • SON 3.3-mm × 3.3-mm Plastic Package

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Rds(on) Max at VGS=4.5V (mOhms)
Rds(on) Max at VGS=10V (mOhms)
IDM, Max Pulsed Drain Current (Max) (A)
QG Typ (nC)
QGD Typ (nC)
Package (mm)
RDS(on) Typ at VGS=2.5V (Typ) (mOhm)
Logic Level
CSD87313DMS CSD83325L CSD85302L CSD87501L
30     12     20     30    
Dual Common Drain     Dual     Dual Common Drain     Dual Common Drain    
5.5     5.9     24     5.5    
  52     37     72    
28     8.4     6     15    
6     1.9     1.4     6    
SON3x3     LGA     LGA 1.35x1.35     LGA    
6.6     8.4     29      
10     10     10     20    
0.9     0.95     0.9     1.8    
Yes     Yes     Yes     Yes    
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