16-Bit, Dual Serial Input Multiplying Digital-to-Analog Converter

16-Bit, Dual Serial Input Multiplying Digital-to-Analog Converter - DAC8812


The DAC8812 is a dual, 16-bit, current-output digital-to-analog converter (DAC) designed to operate from a single 2.7-V to 5.5-V supply.

The applied external reference input voltage VREF determines the full-scale output current. An internal feedback resistor (RFB) provides temperature tracking for the full-scale output when combined with an external I-to-V precision amplifier.

A double-buffered, serial data interface offers high-speed, 3-wire, SPI and microcontroller compatible inputs using serial data in (SDI), clock (CLK), and a chip-select (CS). A common level-sensitive load DAC strobe (LDAC) input allows simultaneous update of all DAC outputs from previously loaded input registers. Additionally, an internal power-on reset forces the output voltage to zero at system turnon. An MSB pin allows system reset assertion (RS) to force all registers to zero code when MSB = 0, or to midscale code when MSB = 1.

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  • Relative Accuracy: 1 LSB Max
  • Differential Nonlinearity: 1 LSB Max
  • 2-mA Full-Scale Current ±20%,
    With VREF = ±10 V
  • 0.5-μs Settling Time
  • Midscale or Zero-Scale Reset
  • Separate 4Q Multiplying Reference Inputs
  • Reference Bandwidth: 10 MHz
  • Reference Dynamics: –105-dB THD
  • SPI-Compatible 3-Wire Interface:
    50 MHz
  • Double Buffered Registers to Enable
    Simultaneous Multichannel Update
  • Internal Power-On Reset
  • Industry-Standard Pin Configuration

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Resolution (Bits)
DAC Channels
DAC Architecture
Output Type
Output Range Min. (mA/V)
Output Range Max. (mA/V)
Settling Time (µs)
Reference: Type
Operating Temperature Range (C)
DAC8812 DAC8814
16    16   
2    4   
Multiplying DAC    Multiplying DAC   
SPI    SPI   
Unbuffered Current    Unbuffered Current   
0    0   
2    2   
0.5    0.5   
Ext    Ext   
Catalog    Catalog   
16TSSOP    28SSOP   
-40 to 85    -40 to 85   
Reset to Mid-Scale    SDO