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* Datasheet DLP2010 .2 WVGA DMD datasheet Mar. 02, 2018
Application notes TI DLP® System Design: Brightness Requirements and Trad (Replaced by DLPA068A) (Rev. B) Nov. 13, 2019
User guides DLPC34xx Controller API User's Guide Jul. 30, 2019
Application notes DMD Optical Efficiency for Visible Wavelengths (Rev. A) May 30, 2019
User guides DLPC3470 and DLPC3478 Software Programmer's Guide (Rev. A) Apr. 26, 2019
Selection guides Texas Instruments DLP® Display & Projection Chipset Selection Guide (Rev. B) Apr. 08, 2019
User guides DLP® LightCrafter™ Display 2010 EVM User’s Guide (Rev. D) Mar. 13, 2019
White papers Smart speaker fundamentals: Weighing the many design trade-offs Feb. 25, 2019
White papers DLP® Pico™ technology for smart speaker displays Feb. 11, 2019
White papers TI DLP® Pico™ Technology for smart home applications (Rev. B) Feb. 08, 2019
Application notes DLPC34xx General System Design Guide Application Note (Rev. A) Feb. 04, 2019
User guides DLP2010 Light Control EVM User’s Guide (Rev. B) Dec. 30, 2018
White papers High accuracy 3D scanning using Texas Instruments DLP® technology for structured (Rev. A) Sep. 25, 2018
Technical articles Capture, imagine, create: Enabling highly-accurate desktop 3D printing and portable 3D scanning with new DLP Pico chipsets Jul. 10, 2018
User guides DLPC3430, DLPC3432, DLPC3433, DLPC3435 and DLPC3438 Software Programmer's Guide (Rev. C) May 21, 2018
Application notes Getting Started with TI DLP® Display Technology (Rev. C) May 08, 2018
User guides DLP® LightCrafter™ Display EVM GUI Tool Users Guide (Rev. B) Dec. 08, 2017
White papers TI DLP® technology for aftermarket head-up display applications Nov. 14, 2017
Application notes DLP Technology for Near Eye Display (NED) (Rev. A) Aug. 04, 2017
Application notes TI DLP® Pico™ System Design: Optical Module Specifications (Rev. A) Aug. 03, 2017
Technical articles Plug, play and display with the most affordable TI DLP® Pico™ display EVM Aug. 02, 2017
Application notes DLP2010 DMD Optical engine reference design (Rev. A) Aug. 01, 2017
Design files Example DLP2010 (.2 WVGA TRP) Optical Reference Design Jul. 18, 2017
Technical articles What to consider when developing an aftermarket head-up display (HUD) Dec. 01, 2016
Application notes TI DLP® Pico™ Technology for Aftermarket Head-Up Displays (Rev. A) Sep. 30, 2016
Application notes PCB Design Requirements for TI DLP Pico TRP Digital Micromirror Devices Aug. 19, 2016
Design files Assembly and Part drawing of Shim Alignment Mounting Concept (2512917) Mar. 11, 2016
Design files DLP2010 DMD (Series 244) 3D-CAD model file with maximum encapsulation geometry Mar. 11, 2016
Design files DLP2010 DMD (Series 244) 3D-CAD model file with nominal geometry Mar. 11, 2016
White papers DLP Pico Technology for Screenless Display (Rev. B) Jan. 12, 2016
Software Throw Ratio Calculator (Rev. A) Dec. 21, 2015
Application notes Real-Time Color Management for DLPC343x Application Note Oct. 07, 2015
Application notes TI DLP® IntelliBright™ Algorithms for the DLPC343x Controller Dec. 08, 2014
Design files Mechanical Assembly for the DLP LightCrafter Display 2010 EVM Aug. 07, 2014