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DLP® 0.65 1080p DMD

DLP® 0.65 1080p DMD - DLP650NE


The TI DLP650NE digital micromirror device (DMD) is a digitally controlled micro-opto-electromechanical system (MEMS) spatial light light modulator (SLM) that enables bright, affordable DLP® 0.65 1080p display solutions. The DLP650NE DMD, together with the DLPC4422 display controller and DLPA100 power and motor driver, comprise the DLP 0.65 1080p chipset. The solution is a great fit for display systems that require high resolution, high brightness and system simplicity.


  • 0.65-Inch Micromirror Array Diagonal
    • 1080p (1920 x 1080)
    • 7.56 Micron Micromirror Pitch
    • ± 12° Micromirror Tilt Angle (Relative to Flat State)
    • Corner Illumination
  • 2x LVDS Input Data Bus
  • Dedicated DLPC4422 Display Controller, DLPA100 Power Management IC and Motor Driver for reliable operation

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Display resolution (Max)
Component type
Micromirror array size
Chipset family
Micromirror pitch (um)
Input frame rate (Max) (Hz)
Input pixel clock (Max) (MHz)
Array diagonal (in)
Package size: mm2:W x L (PKG)
Video ports
1080p (1920x1080)     XGA (1024x768)     WXGA (1280x800)    
DMD     DMD     DMD    
1920x1080     1024x768     1280x800    
DLP650NE     DLP550JE     DLP650LE    
7.6     10.8     10.8    
120     120     120    
300     300     300    
0.65     0.55     0.65    
See datasheet (CPGA)     See datasheet (CPGA)     149CLGA: 718 mm2: 22.3 x 32.2 (CLGA | 149)    
2     2     2