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DLP® 0.90 High Speed WQXGA UV Type A DMD

DLP® 0.90 High Speed WQXGA UV Type A DMD - DLP9000XUV


Featuring over 4 million micromirrors, the DLP9000XUV digital micromirror device (DMD) enables high resolution and high performance spatial light modulation of UV wavelengths from 355 nm to 420 nm. The DLP9000XUV is designed with a special UV optimized window to support numerous applications in the industrial and medical markets. Reliable operation of the DLP9000XUV chipset requires the DMD be driven by the DLPC910 Controller. The DLP9000XUV chipset’s architecture enables continuous data streaming for very high speed lithographic applications. The 4.1 megapixel resolution of the DMD enables large 3D print build sizes and results in fine detail for Digital Lithography.


  • High resolution 2560 × 1600 (WQXGA) Array
    • > 4 Million micromirrors
    • 7.56-µm micromirror pitch
    • 0.9-Inch micromirror array diagonal
    • ±12° micromirror tilt angle
    • Designed for corner illumination
    • Integrated micromirror driver circuitry
  • DLP9000XUV with the DLPC910 controller
    • 480-MHz input data clock rate
    • Streams up to 61 gigapixels per second
    • 1-Bit binary patterns up to 14,989 Hz
    • 8-Bit gray patterns up to 1,873 Hz (coupled with Illumination Modulation)
  • Designed to steer UV wavelengths from 355 to 420 nm
    • Window transmission 98% (per window pass)
    • Micromirror reflectivity 88% (nominal)
    • Array diffraction efficiency 85% (nominal)
    • Array fill factor 92% (nominal)

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Part number Order Illumination wavelength range (nm) Micromirror array size Chipset family Pattern rate, binary (Max) (Hz) Pixel data rate (Max) (Gbps) Micromirror pitch (um) Component type Display resolution (Max) Pattern rate, 8-bit (Max) (Hz) Micromirror array orientation Micromirror driver support Package Group Thermal dissipation (°C/W)
DLP9000XUV Order now 355-420     2560x1600     DLP9000X     14989     61.1     7.6     DMD     WQXGA     1873     Orthogonal     Integrated     CLGA | 355     0.5    
DLP7000UV Samples not available 363-420     1024x768     DLP7000     32552     25.2     13.6     DMD     XGA     1900     Orthogonal     External     CLGA | 203     0.9    
DLP9500UV Samples not available 363-420     1920x1080     DLP9500     23148     48     10.8     DMD     1080p     1700     Orthogonal     External     CLGA | 355     0.5