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DLPC120-Q1 (ACTIVE) DLP® Automotive DMD Controller for DLP3030-Q1 Chipset



The DLPC120-Q1 DMD Display Controller for automotive applications is part of a chipset, compatible with one of two DMDs (i.e. DLP3000-Q1 or DLP3030-Q1). The core DLPC120-Q1 logic is responsible for accepting video input and formatting the data to display on the DMD while simultaneously controlling RGB LEDs in order to create a real-time image. The DLPC120-Q1 is also responsible for controlling the power-up and power-down events of the DMD, based on external system control or temperature input from the DMD. Combined with an external dimming circuit and micro-controller, the DLPC120-Q1 supports a wide dimming range > 5000:1 for HUD applications. Typically, the DLPC120-Q1 is a slave device in an I2C interface with a host processor.


  • AEC-Q100 Qualified for Automotive Applications:
    • Temperature Grade 2: –40°C to 105°C Ambient
  • Compatibility With Two DMD Devices:
    • DLP3000-Q1 - 0.3 WVGA TYPE A100
    • DLP3030-Q1 - 0.3 WVGA S450
  • Video Input Interface:
    • 24-Bit Parallel (RGB888, RGB666, or RGB565)
    • 60-Hz Frame Rate
    • Input Resolutions From QVGA Through WVGA
    • Pixel Clock up to 40 MHz
  • Video Processing:
    • Image Scaling
    • Programmable De-Gamma Curve
    • Bezel Adjustment
    • Horizontal and Vertical Image Flip
  • DMD Interface:
    • 78-MHz DDR DMD Interface
    • Consistent DMD Data Loading and Reset Control Over Temperature Operating Range
    • Automatic DMD Parking at Power-Down
    • DMD Temperature Management
  • External Memory Support
    • DDR2: 312-MHz Clock (624-MHz Data Rate)
    • Serial Flash 39-MHz Clock
  • System Control
    • I2C Communication Interface
    • Programmable Splash Screens
    • DMD Power and Reset Driver Control
    • Programmable Flash-Based Configuration
  • Test Support
    • Built-in Test Pattern Generator
    • JTAG With Boundary Scan Support
  • Packaged in a 216-pin, 1.0-mm Pitch BGA

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Part number Order Display resolution (Max) Chipset family Component type Input frame rate (Max) (Hz) Video ports Operating temperature range (C)
DLPC120-Q1 Order now 864 x 480     DLP3030-Q1     Controller     60     24-bit RGB     -40 to 105