Digital Controller for DLP5500 DMD - DLPC200


Digital Controller for DLP5500 DMD



The DLPC200 performs image processing and control and DMD data formatting to drive the 0.55 XGA DMD (DLP5500).

This digital controller gives users reliable, independent high-speed micromirror control for structured light, display, and other spatial light modulation (SLM) applications. The DLPC200 provides pattern rates up to 5000 Hz binary or 700 Hz 8-bit grayscale, using solid state illumination (SSI).

This easily-programmable device allows users to interface and synchronize the chipset to external sources (for example, sensor, camera, and processor) enabling 3D machine vision applications with high accuracy. Multiple configuration interfaces offer flexibility for external and embedded input sources. Convenience of loading and storing custom patterns makes the DLPC200 ideal for advanced light control applications.


  • Required for Reliable Operation of the DLP5500 DMD
  • Stream Data Realtime With Two 24-Bit Input Ports (RGB888)
    • Port 1 Supports HDMI Input
    • Port 2 Supports Input Via an Expansion Card
  • High-Speed Pattern Sequence Mode
    • Download Pattern Data Directly to Device
    • 1-Bit Binary Pattern Rates to 5000 Hz
    • 8-Bit Grayscale Pattern Rates to 700 Hz
    • 1-to-1 Input Mapping to Micromirrors
    • Programmable Reordering of Patterns
  • Easy Synchronization With Cameras and Sensors
    • Three Configurable Output Triggers
    • Two Configurable Input Triggers
  • Multiple Configuration Interfaces
    • Supports EDID Via I2C
    • USB and SPI Device Control
    • Machine Vision
      • 3D Depth Measurement and Capture
      • Robotic Guidance
      • Inline Surface Inspection
      • Pick and Place
    • 3D Printers
    • Medical Instrumentation
      • 3D Dental Scanners
      • Vascular Imaging
      • Microscopes
    • Computer-to-Plate Printers
    • 3D Biometrics
      • Fingerprint Recognition
      • Facial Recognition

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