High accuracy 3.3 V or 5 V ratiometric bipolar Hall effect sensor family

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Software DRV5055-ANGLE-EVM Source Code (Rev. A) Dec. 20, 2018
Technical articles Intro to linear Hall effect sensors: Achieve contactless accurate position sensing Sep. 06, 2018
Application notes Linear Hall Effect Sensor Angle Measurement Theory, Implementation (Rev. A) Aug. 23, 2018
Application notes Overview Using Linear Hall Effect Sensors to Measure (Rev. A) Aug. 22, 2018
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User guides DRV5055-ANGLE-EVM User's Guide May 26, 2018
User guides DRV5055EVM User's Guide (Rev. A) May 02, 2018
Software DRV5055EVM Mar. 14, 2018
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