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DRV595 (ACTIVE) 15V/±4A High-Efficiency PWM Power Driver

15V/±4A High-Efficiency PWM Power Driver - DRV595


The DRV595 is a high-efficiency, high-current power driver ideal for driving a wide variety of loads in systems powered from 4.5V to 26V. PWM operation and low output stage on-resistance significantly decrease power dissipation in the amplifier.

The DRV595 advanced oscillator/PLL circuit employs multiple switching frequency options; this is achieved together with a Master/Slave option, making it possible to synchronize multiple devices.

The DRV595 is fully protected against faults with short-circuit, thermal, over-voltage, and under-voltage protection. Faults are reported back to the processor to prevent devices from being damaged during overload conditions.


  • ±4 A Output Current
  • Wide Supply Voltage Range: 4.5 V – 26 V
  • High Efficiency Generates Less Heat
  • Multiple Switching Frequencies
    • Master/Slave Synchronization
    • Up to 1.2 MHz Switching Frequency
  • Feedback Power Stage Architecture
    with High PSRR Reduces PSU Requirements
  • Single Power Supply Reduces Component Count
  • Integrated Self-Protection Circuits Including
    Over-Voltage, Under-Voltage, Over-Temperature,
    and Short Circuit with Error Reporting
  • Thermally Enhanced Package
    • DAP (32-pin HTSSOP Pad-down)
  • –40°C to 85°C Ambient Temperature Range


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Part number Order Operating temperature range (C) Rating
DRV595 Order now -40 to 85     Catalog    
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DRV593 Order now -40 to 85     Catalog    
DRV594 Order now -40 to 85     Catalog