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52-V, bipolar stepper motor gate driver with 1/256 microstepping & stall detect

52-V, bipolar stepper motor gate driver with 1/256 microstepping & stall detect - DRV8711


The DRV8711 device is a stepper motor controller that uses external N-channel MOSFETs to drive a bipolar stepper motor or two brushed DC motors. A microstepping indexer is integrated, which is capable of step modes from full step to 1/256-step.

An ultra-smooth motion profile can be achieved using adaptive blanking time and various current decay modes, including an auto-mixed decay mode. Motor stall is reported with an optional back-EMF output.

A simple step/direction or PWM interface allows easy interfacing to controller circuits. A SPI serial interface is used to program the device operation. Output current (torque), step mode, decay mode, and stall detection functions are all programmable through a SPI serial interface.

Internal shutdown functions are provided for overcurrent protection, short-circuit protection, undervoltage lockout, and overtemperature. Fault conditions are indicated through a FAULTn pin, and each fault condition is reported through a dedicated bit through SPI.

The DRV8711 is packaged in a PowerPAD™ 38-pin HTSSOP package with thermal pad (Eco-friendly: RoHS and no Sb/Br).


  • Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Microstepping Motor Driver
    • Built-In 1/256-Step Microstepping Indexer
    • Drives External N-Channel MOSFETs
    • Optional STEP/DIR Pins
    • Optional PWM Control Interface for DC Motors
  • Flexible Decay Modes, Including Automatic Mixed Decay Mode
  • Stall Detection With Optional BEMF Output
  • Highly Configurable SPI Serial Interface
  • Internal Reference and Torque DAC
  • 8-V to 52-V Operating Supply Voltage Range
  • Scalable Output Current
  • Thermally Enhanced Surface-Mount Package
  • 5-V Regulator Capable of 10-mA Load
  • Protection and Diagnostic Features
    • Overcurrent Protection (OCP)
    • Overtemperature Shutdown (OTS)
    • Undervoltage Lockout (UVLO)
    • Individual Fault Condition Indication Bits
    • Fault Condition Indication Pin

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Part number Order Number of full bridges Vs (Min) (V) Vs (Max) (V) Control mode Control interface Micro-stepping levels Features Package size: mm2:W x L (PKG) Approx. price (US$)
DRV8711 Order now 2     8     52     PWM
Hardware (GPIO)
256     Stall Detection
Voltage Regulator    
38HTSSOP: 43 mm2: 4.4 x 9.7 (HTSSOP | 38)     1.70 | 1ku