2A dual H-bridge motor driver

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* Datasheet DRV8847 Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver datasheet (Rev. B) Apr. 11, 2019
Technical articles Motor-driven automation in smart home systems: how to achieve efficiency and cost savings Jan. 02, 2020
Application notes Open Load Detection in Intergrated Drivers (Rev. A) Nov. 07, 2019
Technical articles Anything but discrete: How to simplify 48-V to 60-V DC-fed three-phase inverter design Feb. 01, 2019
Application notes Best Practices for Board Layout of Motor Drivers (Rev. A) Jan. 22, 2019
Application notes Design and Implementation of Stepper Motor Control Over I2C Communication Sep. 10, 2018
Application notes Multiple Stepper-Motors Control With Two-Pins Sep. 04, 2018
Application notes Small Motors in Large Appliances Jul. 20, 2018
Software DRV8847 Software Jul. 13, 2018
Software DRV8847EVM GUI Jul. 13, 2018
User guides DRV8847EVM and DRV8847SEVM Software User's Guide Jun. 18, 2018
User guides DRV8847EVM User's Guide Jun. 13, 2018
Technical articles Integrated intelligence part 3: motor startup from standstill position Dec. 11, 2017
Technical articles Integrated intelligence part 2: motor startup open loop acceleration Dec. 04, 2017